Bing partners with the ecosystem to drive fresh signals

Bing Webmaster Tools had launched the Adaptive URL submission capability that allowed webmasters to submit up to 10,000 URLs using the online toolkit through Bing webmaster portal (Submit URLs option) or in batch mode using Batch API. Since launch we have seen high adoption rate by large websites as well as small and medium websites.  

We have been working with multiple partners to further Bing’s vision to drive fundamental shift in how search engines find content using direct notification from websites whenever content is created or updated.  

A few examples to note: During the recent SEO Conference (Pubcon Pro, Las Vegas) and showcased how they used the URL Submission API, ensuring search users find timely, relevant and trustworthy information on Bing.  

Similarly, we have been working with leading SEO platforms like Botify, to integrate URL Submission API in their product offerings. This integration is an expansion to Botify’s new FastIndex solution, the first within the Botify Activation product suite. The partnership builds upon Bing’s new programmatic URL submission process. For more information please refer to the annoncement from Botify.

URL Submission API is programmed to review the site performance that are registered on Bing webmaster tools and adaptively increase their daily quota for submitting content to Bing. We encourage websites to register on Bing webmaster tools using standard methods or Google Search Console Import or Domain Connect based verification.  

Apart from integration of URL Submission API, Botify is participating in Bing’s content submission API pilot, which allows for the direct push of HTML, images, and other site content to the search engine, reducing the need for crawling.  

Please refer the documentation for Easy set-up guide, Batch URL Submission APIcURL code example, for more details on URL Submission API.  

We are happy to bring in more partners to accelerate this shift in content discovery.  

Bing Webmaster Tools Team