Announcing the new Bing Webmaster Tools

Over the last few months, we have heard from the webmaster ecosystem that Bing Webmaster Tools user interface is slow and outdated. We’ve taken your inputs into consideration and are working on modernizing the tools. Today, we are delighted to announce the first iteration of the refreshed Bing Webmaster Tools portal.

The refreshed portal is being built with key principles of - keeping the design Cleaner and Responsive with Faster and more Actionable tools.

We have updated the backend datastore to improve the data extraction and redesigned the user experience to make it more user friendly and intuitive. Keeping the need of users in mind, the portal has responsive design which provides the flexibility to the user to access it across devices.

In the first iteration, the new portal will have 3 key features,
  1. Backlinks - The Inbound Links report in the current portal is integrated with the Disavow links tool to become the new Backlinks report in the refreshed portal.
  2. Search Performance - Page Traffic and Search Keywords reports are also integrated as one and are a part of the new Search Performance report.
  3. Sitemaps - The Sitemaps page is the refreshed Sitemaps page of the current portal
We are releasing the new portal to a select set of users this week and will be rolling out to all users by 1st week of March. To have early access to the new portal go to, then sign-in to Bing Webmaster Tools and navigate to Sitemaps, Inbound Links, Page Traffic or Search Keywords reports and click on the links to open the new portal. 

Over the next few months, we will focus on moving all the functionalities to the new portal. During the transition, the users will be able to use the current and new pages simultaneously for a short period. We will be deprecating the functionality from the old portal in a few weeks immediately after its inclusion in the new portal. We will strive to make this transition seamless and exciting for our users.

The Bing Webmaster APIs will continue as-is, so users using webmaster APIs to get their data programmatically do not have to make any changes. 

Reach out to us and share feedback on Twitter and Facebook and let us know how you feel about the new Bing Webmaster Tools. If you encounter any issues, please raise a service ticket with our support team.

The Bing Webmaster Tools team