Bing intelligence now available on the Interbot channel

Bootstrap your bots with the help of Bing. Developers can leverage Bing’s vast knowledge and intelligence, using our APIs to build intelligent bots more quickly than ever.

Gupshup, one of the leading bot platforms with 30k+ developers, recently launched a bot-to-bot communication channel called Interbot. With Interbot, developers can compose new bots by simply combining component bots - like putting lego blocks together.

Interbot is now enriched with intelligence from Bing that enables developers to build smart conversational interfaces. Multiple services using Bing Knowledge and Search APIs are setup as pre-built utility bots, unleashing new possibilities on Interbot.

“We chose to work with Bing APIs because they offer the same vast knowledge and intelligence embedded in its powerful search engine. Developers can use it to build incredibly advanced bots quickly and easily, especially through Interbot communication. Also, Microsoft has been very good at embracing and working with the broader developer ecosystem,” says Beerud Sheth, Co-founder and CEO of Gupshup.

Bing APIs help empower developers. They benefit from the security, scalability, relevance and ranking improvements that hundreds of millions of monthly users rely on. Below is a list of the utility bots now available on Interbot along with the Bing and Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs that power them:

Using these utility bots, developers can quickly and easily compose powerful new bots, plug-and-play style. For example, you can combine Bing intelligence bots with Microsoft Cognitive Services bots to create an entirely new bot. Check out the video below to see how it’s done:

*Bing Knowledge Graph is still in preview and is offered to white glove partners only

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- The Bing Team