Live Search Maps China - New Features!

*** Links updated for 2023 using Create a Custom Map URL - Bing Maps | Microsoft Learn ***

The Live Search Maps China site just got some improvements. Innovation is burning like wildfire worldwide.

Driving Direction – New!

Transit Direction

  • Improved performance by reducing engine average response time by 27% without quality degradation
  • China is now the first Virtual Earth market to ship both Driving and Transit Directions

Real-time traffic:

  • Added coverage for Shanghai – We now provide real-time traffic for Beijing and Shanghai.


  • Switched to new SMS channel with better coverage (GSM and CDMA) and higher success rate (>97%)

Local Search

Data updates

  • 337 cities with street level map (previously 289);
  • 10M POI/YP records (previously 7M) for 337 cities (previously 114);
  • 600+ categories for Local Search (previously 200+)
  • ~15K crawled and merged records in POI/YP data

I need to track down all these international updates. We’re going worldwide so fast!