Planning Great Events with Location Intelligence

Throwing a great event can make all the difference for a growing business, but conference planning is a difficult task to pull off on your own–whether that’s juggling accommodations or finding the ideal venue that works for everyone. Bing Maps API lends a helping hand by giving you the tools you need to build the perfect event planning software application with location intelligence.

A better way to plan

Unless you happen to get lucky, chances are that your attendees will be spread out across many different hotels. This means that each of them will have a different travel time to the venue, and this is further complicated by the fact that they could each take different methods of transport to their destination.

an isochrone map showing hotels in Seattle

The Isochrone API offers a simple but powerful solution to this dilemma. Isochrone maps let you see all the distance you can cover in a given time limit, depending on the mode of transportation—whether that’s via public transport, walking, or driving. There are several ways to tackle these conference planning challenges with event planning software. For starters, you can easily find the perfect set of accommodations by creating an isochrone map and setting the main venue location at the center of the radius.

Set a time limit that works for you, and you’ll receive a map with a radius including all the accommodations that could be a great fit for your event. If you’re having trouble finding enough hotels in the radius, increase the travel time until you find what you’re looking for.

Local search

Isochrones are great for when you are familiar with the various accommodation and entertainment options in an area, but what if you have to organize an event in an unfamiliar location? Your event planning software should have the ability to recognize nearby points of interest. This is the ideal use case scenario for the Local Search API, a tool that makes new territories familiar again.

The Local Search API is incredibly intuitive to use for conference planning. Organizers can specify a certain location (such as the event venue) or search within a boundary box or radius. You can also directly search for businesses by using simple string IDs like ‘EatDrink’. The API will then quickly return a list of business entities and other points of interest that might be of use to you.

a bing map showing hotels near Seattle Pacific University

This API is invaluable for event planning software, but businesses will also find it useful for consumer-facing apps. Why not give your attendees the power to discover nearby attractions, and explore in their own time? Bing Maps API is compatible with most consumer-grade devices, supporting both iOS and Android systems, making it suitable for conference planning and so much more.

Curious to see the Local Search API in action? Check out Seeingit, a website built to empower small communities with the power of local search. Read the full customer story to find out how the team built a one-stop destination to promote local businesses, allowing tourists and resident community members to look for hotels, hospitals, and transport with the click of a button.

Optimize travel times

An isochrone map is a convenient software solution for many event planning cases, but it might not always be enough. It could be that the hotels that are close to the venue are all booked out, and participants have to be accommodated far away from each other. The usual move here is to arrange for a shuttle service to help everyone get to the venue on time and in a cost-efficient way.

This is an easy task for the Routes API, designed to account for complex trips that involve multiple stops and even agents simultaneously. Conference planners can automate a significant chunk of their work by entering the list of accommodations where participants are staying and generating an optimized route that covers each stop and ensures minimal travel times.

You can easily tweak software built with the Routes API to suit your event planning needs. For example, you could save on logistics costs by considering historical traffic information and entering custom parameters to generate a route avoiding highways and tolls.

Better routing isn’t just useful for helping participants move around. You can also streamline overall event management by ensuring that supplies get delivered on time. The Truck Routing API is a good choice for this scenario. You can create customized routes tailored to each commercial vehicle’s specifications, avoiding the risk of running into roads that are too narrow for larger vehicles to pass through. Using a custom route will reduce the chances of road closures and restrictions delaying the event.

High-res imagery for event planning software

Using a roadmap for conference planning can only tell you so much about a venue or accommodation. Avoid unpleasant surprises and get a closer look at potential venues using Bing Maps API’s high-resolution location data. Switch to aerial imagery powered by resolutions as high as 60-30cm/pixel for an in-depth preview of important points of interest.

an aerial map of hotels near Seattle Pacific University

For example, you could use it to get a fair estimate of how much space a particular outdoor exhibition arena can offer. You can integrate this imagery into isochrone maps and toggle it whenever necessary using the V8 Web Control.

Conference planning, simplified

The right piece of event planning software can automate the most challenging tasks. Bing Maps API offers a powerful suite of features to reduce costs and create a truly memorable experience for attendees. Create a key for free and start preparing for your next great event.


Are there other types of imagery I can use for event planning?

Bing Maps API users can go beyond aerial imagery, using the Streetside view to create a true-to-life experience for better planning. A 360-degree view offers a highly realistic view of hotels, restaurants, and any other locations that might be on your itinerary. A convenient sidebar allows for seamless filtering between points of interest.

Alternatively, you can also use the Bird’s Eye view in your event planning software for a unique 45-degree angle perspective captured by multiple high-powered cameras.

Will my apps be slow if I use all these features?

Not at all! The HTML5 canvas powers the V8 Web Control. This means it can quickly load powerful applications, whether you’re looking at a road map or using Streetside imagery.

What other features might be helpful for my Event?

Bing maps offers the ability to do overlays and venue maps to customize the look of your location. To find out more you can check out our partner blog, How to create an overlay on a Bing Map or try the various venue maps samples in the Bing Maps Interactive SDK.