Bing Maps V8 SDK Fall Update

The main release branch of the Bing Maps Version 8 web control (V8) has been in a code freeze over the last two months for the holiday season. Over this time the Bing Maps team focused primarily on bug fixes and performance improvements in Bing Maps V8. Here are some of the more notable new features added in this release.

Cardinal Splines

The Spatial Math module has a new function that calculates a cardinal spline that passes through a specified array of locations.

Bing Maps with Cardinal Spline

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Multiple Map Support

Some applications will sometimes want to display two or more maps on a single page. With this release, the Bing Maps V8 web control now supports loading multiple map instances on a single page.

Route Path Locations

When you calculate a route using the directions manager, you can now easily get an array of locations that make up the route path. This is useful if you want to create a custom styled route line on the map, or if you want to perform route-based calculations such as search for data along or near a route. Combine this with the Bing Maps REST elevation service and easily generate route elevation profiles. This is documented as part of the Route response object here.

In Summary

A complete list of new features added in this release can be found on the What’s New page in the documentation on MSDN. We have many other features and functionalities on the road map for Bing Maps V8. If you have any questions or feedback about V8, please let us know on the Bing Maps forums or visit the Bing Maps website to learn more about our V8 web control features.

- Bing Maps Team

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