160+ Code Samples for Bing Maps V8 released on GitHub

The Bing Maps team has been working hard on adding features and functionalities to the Bing Maps Version 8 web control (V8). With each feature the team creates they also create several code samples to thoroughly test it. Many of the basic implementation samples are made available as code samples in the Bing Maps V8 interactive SDK while more in-depth code samples have generally been made available through blog posts, MSDN documentation and as answers to developers on the Bing Maps forums. Today we are happy to announce the release of the Bing Maps V8 Code Samples project on GitHub, which pulls all these code samples into a single place. Check out the GitHub Project or view the Live Code Samples site. Here are a few of the samples included in this project.

Spider Clusters

The following is the Spider Clusters sample, which demonstrates how to take clustered pushpins and display the pushpins they contain in a connected spiral when they are clicked.

Spider Cluster animation on Bing Maps v8 Web Control

Try it now | Source Code

North Carolina Map

This sample shows how to create a map that focuses on a specific area. Besides locking the map view to that area, a polygon mask is also added to the map to hide roads and traffic data that is outside of the area of interest, in this case North Carolina.

Bing Map image of North Carolina

Try it now | Source Code

Cardinal Spline Features

The following code sample demonstrates all the features of the Cardinal Spline function that is available in the Spatial Math module of Bing Maps V8. The red line is a standard polyline connecting the pushpins while the blue line is the cardinal spline. Drag the pushpins, change the tension and node size to see how the cardinal spline changes.

Spline animation on Bing Maps v8 Web Control

Try it now | Source Code

Join the fun

Have a great code sample or idea for one? Submit it to the Bing Maps V8 Code Samples project on GitHub and make it available to others.

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