Rank Math Supports IndexNow for WordPress Sites

By Rank Math team

IndexNow is a Microsoft and Yandex initiative to crawl sites efficiently and reduce the crawl footprint. Various engines have already adopted the IndexNow protocol. We're excited to announce that Rank Math, a SEO plugin for WordPress, has adopted IndexNow to their plugin as a dedicated module.
As a result, over a million WordPress sites using Rank Math can ensure their content gets indexed both faster and more efficiently. When Rank Math is installed and configured, the plugin will automatically generate and host the API Key for the IndexNow protocol on the website.
With IndexNow, any content published, updated, or deleted on the website gets submitted to the IndexNow in the background. As a result, all IndexNow-enabled search engines receive the latest changes about a site allowing for faster indexing.
The plugin does everything on the fly, and the plugin still allows users to have complete control over the type of URLs that will be submitted to IndexNow.
Please visit this tutorial for more details on the implementation.
With IndexNow, the entire search engine industry can have their content indexed faster and using fewer resources. As a result, more systems and businesses are adopting IndexNow, allowing their customers enjoy the benefits of faster indexing while minimizing the crawl load on the site.
Our goal is to help each adopter get the maximum benefit in indexation, crawl load management, and freshness of content to searchers. We will continue to learn and improve at a larger scale as more sites and systems are now implementing IndexNow.
If you face any challenges during integration, you can reach out to us here.