IndexNow adoption gains momentum

The IndexNow protocol enables website owners to easily inform search engines about their latest content changes, helping businesses get more qualified traffic from search engines.

Since we enabled the IndexNow protocol in Fall 2021, adoption of IndexNow continues to grow. Today more than 16 million web sites are publishing over 1.2 billion URLs per day to the IndexNow API. This month, IndexNow attributed to 7% of all new URLs clicked in web search results.

IndexNow adoption has been accelerated through its availability on leading SEO plugins (Yoast, AIOSEO, Rank Math, SEOPress), by enabling Microsoft Bing IndexNow Plugin as open source, and by having IndexNow integrated in Cloudflare and Duda. Many web sites have also integrated IndexNow directly in their Content Management Systems by following the straightforward steps listed in IndexNow API documentation. Integration of IndexNow can take website owners less than a day, or even just a few minutes using some of the previously mentioned methods.

Building on the momentum


More Search Engines and Content Management System coming

We’re making adoption easy by enabling the sharing of submitted URLs between search engines, thus requiring only a single notification through an IndexNow API. Earlier this year, the Czech search engine adopted IndexNow. (blog - Czech language).

Engagement with webmasters While adopting IndexNow does not require contacting Bing or other search engines, we are consulting with large web sites to learn from them and optimize documentation as frequently asked questions. eBay and LinkedIn are examples of web sites already benefiting from IndexNow.

Upcoming Bing crawl optimization:

At Microsoft Bing, we are working to leverage IndexNow signals to further optimize our crawl machine learning stack. By Fall we expect to crawl websites that have adopted IndexNow with a clear content change signal even more efficiently, resulting in faster updates and less crawl.


Fabrice Canel
Principal Product Manager
Microsoft Bing