Bing refines its copyright removals process

In a continuous effort to enhance the Bing user experience and promote the expression of free speech while simultaneously upholding the rights of intellectual property and copyright holders, Bing has streamlined the copyright removals process.  We heard your feedback and understand that sometimes websites that experience alleged copyright infringement issues have a difficult time gaining visibility into the problem and getting relisted.  Webmasters now have the ability to see what pages on their site have been impacted by “copyright removal notices” and appeal those decisions.
Enhanced visibility
This new feature will provide webmasters with more visibility into how DMCA takedowns impact their site and gives webmasters the opportunity to either address the infringement allegation or remove the offending material.  All requests will be evaluated in a new appeals process. 
More information
For more information on Bing’s copyright infringement policies and how Bing delivers search results, visit Bing's copyright infringement policies.  Bing also provides full transparency of takedown requests in a bi-annual Content Removal Requests Report with associated FAQs. Access the latest version here Bing Content Removal Requests Report.

-The Bing Webmaster Tools Team