is open for business!

Webmasters, you may already have heard, but our friends on the adCenter team launched a new community portal today in an effort to assist and enable advertisers. We want to encourage you, whether you are currently using adCenter or not, to visit.  Features of the site include:

  • Product/Service specific blogs
  • Categorized User Forums
  • Multimedia Distribution including video interviews, audio podcasts and training videos
  • User profiles

The community team at adCenter wants the community  to be a place for two way communication between Microsoft adCenter and the advertiser community. If you are an adCenter Advertiser, using adCenter Analytics or developing through the adCenter API, will be the one place to visit for all adCenter updates, news, tips, tricks and best practices.

In the coming weeks and months, you’ll get information, updates and assistance from Microsoft employees, but also from each other as some of the most knowledgeable users of adCenter’s offerings and services are the customers!  Be sure to check out the user forums as they grow into a robust resource on everything adCenter and more. Enjoy!

–Jeremiah Andrick, Live Search Webmaster Team