Detailed traffic stats feature now available

You asked for more detailed data.  We heard you. :)

As part of our ongoing effort to bring more usable data forward for publishers, this week we made additional reporting improvements for your site’s traffic. Located under the Traffic tab, page traffic gives detailed information for your top performing pages in Bing. This includes impression, click, CTR, and Average position. It also provides a list of query terms which have had that page return as a result.  These pivots provide webmasters with additional insights to how their sites are performing for a given query.  Using the scroll bar below the main graph allows you to fine tune the date range you’re viewing, making this data easier to access.

  • Traffic summary now includes average position and impressions along with specific page impressions and clicks.
  • Site owners can now see the new statistics details for a given query term
  • Site owners can now see all query terms which returned a given site page

In addition, all summary and backing information are available for export.  The date range you highlight on the graph will be what the exported data reflects.


Duane Forrester, on behalf of the Bing Webmaster Team