Detailed traffic stats feature now available

You asked for more detailed data.  We heard you. :)

As part of our ongoing effort to bring more usable data forward for publishers, this week we made additional reporting improvements for your site’s traffic. Located under the Traffic tab, page traffic gives detailed information for your top performing pages in Bing. This includes impression, click, CTR, and Average position. It also provides a list of query terms which have had that page return as a result.  These pivots provide webmasters with additional insights to how their sites are performing for a given query.  Using the scroll bar below the main graph allows you to fine tune the date range you’re viewing, making this data easier to access.

  • Traffic summary now includes average position and impressions along with specific page impressions and clicks.
  • Site owners can now see the new statistics details for a given query term
  • Site owners can now see all query terms which returned a given site page

In addition, all summary and backing information are available for export.  The date range you highlight on the graph will be what the exported data reflects.


Duane Forrester, on behalf of the Bing Webmaster Team


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  1. Igor64

    Loose the blue arrow, please.

  2. Krishna Lakkineni

    Just noticed that feature. Thanks

  3. DisgruntledGoat

    Is there a way to show more than 4 lines at once under the graph? On my widescreen laptop the gigantic graph takes up most of the page, leaving little room for the list of pages. Get rid of the iframe thing and just have one scrollbar per page.

  4. searchgeek

    I've noted it and will forward to the team for consideration. It likely won't be a quick fix, Scott, if/when we can get to your idea. In the meantime, don't forget that you can EXPORT that daya, as well, if you need to look at raw data in more detail at one time.  Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts all the same. :)


  5. Henso105

    Hi Duane, I've noticed that the data for 'Traffic' has stopped at Feb 1 for all of my sites.  The data for 'Crawl' and 'Index' is up to date though.  I'm wondering if the issue could be related to this update?

  6. Duane Forrester

    This update was additive Henso, meaning there is no reason for the data to have stopped because of this update.  Is the proper webmaster verification still in place on your site?  The one we gave you from the webmaster account?

    I'll also suggest you update your profile – tough for folks to offer help if they don't know which site to visit. 😉  Totally your option, though, just a suggestion that I've found helps in community forums like this.


  7. Henso105

    Hi, thanks for the comment.  There wasn't anything wrong with the sites, just the section of Bing webmaster tools which displays which search queries you have appeared for.  It actually updated today, but skipped the data from Feb 1 to Feb 5.

    Again, thanks Duane :)

  8. Duane Forrester

    Great to hear data is reappearing.  Hopefully it'll all back fill as time goes on.  If it happenes again, shout out Henso. :)


  9. pku_cs_wxy

    That's nice to have. Thanks!

  10. Flutterbuck Global Social Commerce

    Thanks i just notes this is a great performing.

  11. Me1

    The Bing Webmaster Tools have one issue after the other like Yahoo Site Explorer. Nothing works. On the other hand Google Webmaster Tools have a good functionality.

  12. sohel

    A very informative article and lots of really honest and forthright comments made! This certainly got me thinking about this issue, thanks all.

  13. sujit.doi

    Really Nice, Good Described Blog!

  14. Madam

    Nice information for bing and yahoo search,, good job.

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