Changes to Bing, UI navigation to Webmaster Center

Did you hear the news? Bing was recently upgraded with another set of exciting end-user features. Instead of reciting the long list of changes here, I’ll just point you to the blog post in the Bing Search blog titled, “Bing’s Next Chapter Begins Today.” The Bing engineering team has been focused on improving the already cool features that have made using Bing so much fun.

One edit to the Bing home page has changed the way users navigate to the Toolbox page, the Webmaster Center tools, the blog, and the forums pages. On the Bing home page, click the EXPLORE link in the left list to browse to the Bing at a glance page. Scroll down that page to find all of the aforementioned links for the Webmaster Center resources.

Note that once past the Bing home page, the More link, which also links to the Bing at a glance page, is still listed in the top left of all other Bing pages.

See you again soon…

— Rick DeJarnette, Bing Webmaster Center

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