Search Engine Optimization for Bing

When I attended both SMX Advanced in Seattle back in June and SES San Jose just a couple of weeks ago, I heard a lot of questions from webmasters about Bing, especially pertaining to search engine optimization issues. Typically these included:

  • I want to do SEO for Bing—where should I start?
  • How is Bing different in terms of SEO?
  • What do webmasters need to know and do?
  • Are there any insider tips for successful ranking?

I’ll tackle these questions by providing some useful, baseline information and include pointers to more detailed, pertinent docs.

As you know, Bing is an evolution in the search engine space. With its innovative, new user interface (UI) design bringing new depth and opportunities for searchers, they can now quickly find the information they seek when they search the Internet. New UI features, such as Quick Tabs, Related Searches, and Document Preview (to name just a few), surface more information and present more opportunities to discover what searchers want to know so they can make more informed decisions more quickly. As a result, we describe Bing as a decision engine. (For more information on the new UI features in Bing, see the Bing Webmaster Center blog post, Bing white paper for webmasters & publishers released.)

Under the covers of the new UI, we do a lot of engineering work on a very large scale. For example, we crawl a variety of content types found on the Web, index that content, apply appropriate algorithms, and finally send relevant content to user queries in our search engine results pages (SERPs).

Bing’s SEO principles

SEO is fundamentally about creating websites that are good for people. The most basic advice we can give for achieving optimum rank for your site in Bing is to do the following:

As you can see by the links, much of this material has already been discussed in-depth in the Webmaster Center team blog in our ongoing column, search engine marketing (SEM) 101.

The type of SEO work and tasks webmasters need to perform to be successful in Bing hasn’t changed—all of the legitimate, time-tested, SEO skills and knowledge that webmasters have invested in previously apply fully today with Bing. Moreover, investments in solid, reputable SEO work made for Bing will bring similar improvements in your website’s page rank in other search engines as well.

Ultimately, SEO is still SEO. Bing doesn’t change that. Bing’s new user interface design simply adds new opportunities to searchers to find what the information they want more quickly and easily, and that benefits webmasters who have taken the time to work on the quality of their content, website architecture, and have done the hard work of earning several high-quality inbound links.

Key content and tools for performing SEO with Bing

To keep up with the latest and greatest information coming from the Bing Webmaster Center team, we recommend that you follow and review the following content:

We look forward to working with you as partners in helping our mutual customers find the information they seek on the Internet.

— Rajesh Srivastava, Principal Group Program Manager, Bing

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  1. yiit

    good, but looks like Bing not so active to index the contents in Other languages besides English, is this right?

  2. ly38


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  6. Anonymous

    I really don't see how this is very different from Google guidelines

    We are following the sitemap rules diligently on Bing webmaster tools but Bing is taking forever to crawl

    We get about 1% of search engine referrals from Bing, 95% is from Google

    BG Mahesh


  7. Anonymous

    I cant see a big difference either yet my homepage will not pull up in the search when the site name is typed in.  The site is cached and index properly but it's as if the homepage is penalized for some reason. Strange!

  8. mach5

    I see posts all over here asking why Bing isn't indexing sites. How come this is not directly addressed in your blog? I have had my feed set up for over 4 months and only 29 pages have been indexed? My forum has over 5,000 posts and grows everyday. Google has indexed all my pages and I get a very steady stream of traffic from Google. Bing on the other hand has not produced a single click through to my site?

    Everyone would love to see a real competitor to Google. I had really high hopes for Bing when it launched and made sure to set up my webmaster account right away. I am extremely disappointed by the results so far.

  9. Anonymous

    I think google and Bing provide us almost same result so i can say that search engine are same as google.

  10. webg

    Nothing new there :)

  11. sitemaster2k4

    We think there still allot of work that Bing still needs to improve on, We still need to give it some time..but most of these issues should have been dealt with before Bing went public, as another ms release there's still some bugs.

  12. nexcheck

    Bing is slow at indexing content. They often drop good sites out of the database for now reason. I have gone through that bing optimization report and it is nothing new.

    Good SEO for every SE is

    researching the target market (keyword research)

    developing great content aimed at your target (content writing)

    Letting others know and spread the word (link building & social bookmarking/networking)

  13. Anonymous

    really don't see how this is very different from google guidelines

    we are following the sitemap rules diligently on bing webmaster tools but bing is taking forever to crawl

  14. Alsace Web Agency

    Thanks for resume this.

  15. raphael

    Good post. It would be very interesting to have more details about how Bing treats 301 redirections, canonical tags or nofollow links.

  16. Anonymous

    Is bing trying follow Google Algorithm.

  17. Anonymous

    Thanks for the useful tips as stated above most of the guidelines are just like googles. Thanks again


  18. andrej.azan

    I have the same problem as Jay. My home page is not returned when I search for exact site name.

  19. doruman

    Thank you for your effort, but in the main I saw only some explanations generally given in your article. I could send a delicate question?… 5-6 months ago with a just started website I have had fast results on Bing and put in sandbox from Google.

    With actual site started in July 13 ( I was indexed by Google in the second day and just from two-three days I saw ONE result from ONE keyword in Bing, so for what I could understand, now I was put in sandbox or something like that by Bing.

    It`s just a pure unfortunate coincidence?!…

    Thank you

  20. Anonymous

    Google Ad Sense Message Boards Fraud

    Google Ad Sense is when a web site owner opens an account with Google to place advertisement on their web site. When a person clicks this advertisement, the web site owner gets an average commission of .45 cents. A web site that gets a lot of traffic, they can easily make $150,000 per month.

    There are message boards claiming to be informing the public about scams being done by companies or individuals. These web sites have individuals working for them for the sole purpose of targeting companies or individuals in order to generate traffic to the web site. This method is artificially generating traffic to the web site, this is FRAUD as outlined by Google. The higher the traffic, the higher the percentage of individuals that will click onto the Google advertisements.

    Additionally, Individuals post copy right information about a company on these types of web sites; this is against the policy of the Google Ad Sense program.

    If you believe that you are being targeted by individuals on a particular web site; simply click the Ads by Google in the bottom right hand corner of the advertisement on the web site. You will be taken to a Google page, click onto: Report a policy violation regarding the site or ads you just saw.

    File a report and the Google Fraud Department will investigate.

  21. City Fitted

    Sounds good, I've tried to sign out and search for City Fitted, Not sure if my page is showing up on top search results. It seems like bing has the same listings as google? Correct me if I'm wrong.. I've set up webmaster tools for Bing, It would be nice if Bing updated the webmaster tools with more information regarding website, stats, hits, unique visitors, top keyword searches, possibly some type of graphic view of how your site is doing performance wise, as well as showing up in the search.

  22. Anonymous

    why am I unable to create a live ID?? I've tried for months, and get the same error code over and over. MS has no chance against google if I can't even create a username.

  23. bdakers

    Thats great but when all the guidelines are followed and your site is not indexed it is difficult to know how to get support from Bing

  24. Anonymous

    Hallo, i want to invite Bing to index Polish sites :) I am doing all the steps from this blog, i have good inbound links but bing crawler don't index me. Don't like my sites? Im not talking about one site but hundreads of my sites. If you want to win with google, YOU MUST improve indexing.

  25. Thomas Sabo

    Great article! I wished SEO for Bing would make more difference from SEO for Google..

  26. Anonymous

    Whatever it is, its impossible Bing will outrank Google. Why? Because Google is SO generous in picking up and indexing people / customer website whereas Bing and Yahoo is SO stingy. Example: I have 2 website in my own language and 2 in English. They have the same design and graphic but different the alt (description) tag. But Bing and Yahoo threw away 2 of my English website because to them it's the same. I know this because at first, all of my website is beautifully shown up when I perform the search query. But then, they're gone, leaving only the 2 version (in my language). I have submitted to the DMOZ and try submitted again to Bing and Yahoo. They appears back but then…they're gone again. Maybe they think they're somehow better and precious (special?) than Google by doing this kind of discipline. Or they think Bing has it own class in measuring SEO. But to me, it's a crap. All they ever did was showing their arrogant attitude in handling other people hard works. Bing, for me, for you to brighten up better than MSN is just a nonsense. It's just a dream that will never come true. Google will always be the King because they knew the secret to stay ahead. There is much more I would like to reveal about why Google will never be beat (or you guys will stay a par with them, or 2-3 behind) but why should I? I know you guys (Bing) will never accept a comments from some unknown humble guy like me…      

  27. kdaynjax

    Maybe this has to do with your host? I was pretty surprised because almost as soon as Bing was live, I started getting referrals. I do get most from Google and MSN. The company I buy my package from says they're optimized for all searches and I'm pretty sure they're right.

    I do think the Bing webmaster setup looks a lot friendlier and is easier for me to use than the Goo webmaster tools. I did some Google optimizing, but eventually just gave up. Ironically once I stopped trying, my Goo searches increased. Go figure!

    I like the look of Bing; love the photo. Covered the debut in my column for The Writer online.

    best to all–

  28. gopisivam

    I appreciate the difference in the results of bing in relation with Google. It gives searchers more choice now. i would love bing to have a toolbar with its own PR so taking out some cynosure from Google.


  29. Shekhar Sahuc

    My blog has 30 posts and bing crawled only 2.    Bing should work hard to give realtime stuffs

  30. happy1962

    bing is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. toecephus

    When I try to add my site to Webmaster Tools/Center I get an error. Here's what I get…/nfAlWsYLm  can't get an auth code generated to get the site added. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks…

  32. masterdiz

    Good, then now Get to work, I want to see results.

  33. Anonymous

    Thanks for the tips. After having done some sample searches on both Google and Bing, I noticed that both engines show relevant results, however the results quite different. This isn't necessarily a bad thing because I think there is definitely enough quality content out there that deserves the top 10 spot.



  34. aunur82

    oke thanks,

  35. Anonymous

    Great tips! I will be sure to contine you this directive when providing SEO in the future

  36. Anonymous

    lets face it, Bing is a failure at search

  37. Anonymous

    why would I want to optimise my site JUST FOR BING???

  38. tvichit

    Thank a lot.

  39. Anonymous

    I have a site that is one the first page for the term truck finance  but doesn't even rank in the top 1000.  

  40. necxz

    i wished bing would also have a program similar to adsense for international users. Their program now only allows us citizens. if they want to be big they should also go internationally ^^.

  41. Anonymous

    Bing can be a good alternative for indexing to other sites. You can also use this alongside other search engines for better results. However, since Bing is relatively new, (it was released just last May) there is still some quirks and issues that you will need getting used to.

  42. stiggy64

    the keyword academy states that sites directly submitted to Google suffer in rank more than sites "discovered" by google.

    I find that might be true with my site  I hope this is not the case with bing

  43. rapidweb

    I find some problems to index some Blogspot websites. Bing index only the main page, but not all pages… Is it a problem with the sitemap?

  44. Anonymous

    How does Bing react to sites in multiples laguages? currently show content in 3 languages depending on the IP of the visit. Should we need to do something to show that content to Bing? <a href="…/a&gt;

  45. sania

    Valuable information.


  46. Mgandy

    Thanks for the information although all though it seems like you provided the basic general information of SEO. Not just for Bing but all the search engines. I was reviewing my analytic program and for some reason it sees Bing as website not a search engine.

  47. d1.zapto

    thanks its nice information

  48. alex-band

    very good article! thx a lot!

  49. Anonymous

    Very good information, keep it up

  50. Anonymous

    Our site performs much better on Google than on Bing, despite following a lot of the optimisation guidelines. Also, would like to know how to appear on local search for Bing….

  51. Anonymous

    I think bing has the potential to be a competitor to google – i mean, it's already overtaken yahoo which is no mean feat. But the bugs stopping so many sites getting indexed properly with users not getting directed via keywords will put off some designers from devoting so much time to optimising their sites for it. Google and Yahoo both put my site at the top with my keywords but bing shows little signs of indexing more than the wrong sitemap!


    We've had some great traffic coming from BING – so we are excited.  We just joined the webmaster tools area and will see if there are other things that would help boost our traffic for words like DOWN COMFORTER pointing to

  53. Anonymous

    I think bing can become a super search engine that people would turn to for their searching needs.


  54. Anonymous

    Yeah, it's pretty much the same for Google, Yahoo and all other search engines. Thanks… – tech blog.

  55. Treben Media

    I remember reading on the forums that sometime in November they plan on increasing the size of Bing's Index. Hopefully this will solve some of the issues with the low amount of pages Bing is indexing.

  56. mukki182

    Thank you for this roundup

  57. factoring

    Very interesting informations. I'll try it on some pages.

  58. Anonymous

    i think google and bing provide us almost same result so i can say that search engine are same as google.

    But Bing's image result are very very good designed.

  59. Anonymous

    Good to know the post. This can help me a lot. Thanks!

  60. tanja.hammerl

    thank you for the post!hope to get my new website well in bing!

  61. Anonymous

    I got news that Bing is advancing on indexing website – better than google.

    I can see how slow bing is! Google index my blog in 30mins – 1hr whereas Bing – I cannot say. It is too late.

  62. Anonymous

    I have been trying to get my site registered in bing but have had no luck.  I read "you need submit  your sites URL and Create an XML Sitemap & Submit it to Bing Webmaster Tools"

    Can anyone tell me if this is the right way to start with Bing. I did not have to do this with Google so I am not sure if it will set the site back on Bing.

  63. abbaszn


    bing does not index the many pages of my site that is index in google

  64. Anonymous

    Does anyone really know for sure if Bing follows no-follow links? This is one of the big debates going on right now. If it does, then it will really shift our focus from solely looking for do-follow backlinks to getting backlinks from all over the place regardless of the do-follow/no-follow issues.

  65. Anonymous

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    DON'T search engine optimize your content pages.

    Yes! There's the blatant truth – web copy and search engine optimization are two critical partners in your future profitability and success. You CANNOT have one without the other and expect your website to generate real profit.

    And that's what most new marketers completely miss when they're just starting out trying to drive traffic and business to their sites.

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    search engine optimization</a> + Killer Copywriting = Higher Sales Conversions Guaranteed!

    This is the best-kept secret of internet marketing. It's the one thing your competition is sweating it out over, hoping you never find out. And it's the one that most clueless newbie marketers have yet to discover!

  66. July7

    I know a lot of us webmasters are starting to look mostly closely at Bing. Right now our site still gets most of it's traffic from google, so I want to know how to improve results from Bing. It looks like we are rising in the SERPs but I don't know why.  Sounds like the fundamentals still apply: good content, keep it simple and get quality links.

  67. Anonymous

    Search optimization is a hyper-competitive endeavor that requires intense focus and a thorough, up-to-date understanding of how the search engine algorithms and robots operate.



    <a href="; rel="dofollow">SEO</a>

  68. Maciej Galecki

    I'd like to inform that we made a detailed summary of SEO factors important in Bing's algorithm and compared it to 4 other major search engines worldwide (ie. Google, Yahoo!, Baidu and Yandex). The comparison is available at:

    The problem is it's currently available in Polish language only :( We are working on the translation.

  69. adam.kanicki

    I've added my site but bing not indexed it. Behavior of bing is strange I think.

  70. seologia

    Great :D:D

  71. russblanc

    great information. Looking forward to learning about SEO and rankings for Bing

  72. Blogger Pemula

    im still confused how to get best on bing :(

  73. Anonymous

    I am not quite sure why Bing is dropping out good web site with lots of quality content. This web site ( is one of the best in Plastic Film area yet it lost all its ranking in last few weeks. Bing also does not show the page titles for the web site.

    The web site has lots of pages, full of information rich articles.  

  74. tooman

    nice info

  75. oilandgaspeople

    We have a very storng site with lots of relevant incomming links and we are fast moving up google but we dont appear on Bing anywhere. Initialy we were listed front page for some of our key words but it was short lived. now its like we dont exist? is our homepage. We follow all SEO guidance to the letter so not best impressed with Bing so far…

  76. rickdej


    If you want to have someone from Bing officially look into this, please post your question in the Crawling/Indexing Discussion forum. Thanks!


  77. B. N. Singh

    Bing is taking more time to index my pages.

  78. mo_danny

    Nice post… I've (yet) some probles to get my websites indexed by BING, the only page was indexed is /sitemap.xml


    Maybe one day all my pages will be indexed…

  79. davidcltn7

    Thanks for that information. I was longing for such a content because, I always wanted to get indexed in the first page of Bing and wanted to do SEO for Bing.

    Thanks for those resources shared.


  80. sapelnikov_i_a

    Is Bing interacts with any ping services?

  81. Iip Sarifudin



  82. darren1981_au

    I have to agree, The bing crawling speed is way to slow, i have several quality sites 4 in which are sub 11k Alexa and your yet to index any of them ?

    I would like to support bing and try and optimize my sites for you search engine, but to be honest it's not worth it.

  83. asadn01

    I heard that for SEO Bin give more importance to onsite optimization techniques e.g. meta tags etc then off sites techniques like link building. Any comments

  84. asadn01

    Any ideas why some site show up and then disappear from search results all together for weeks and then come back again mysteriously.

  85. Mach2br

    I like Bing. I hope your indexing rate and crawler became more and more powerfull. Thanks for the post!

  86. avenuesconsult

    Anyone can help me to ad local business in Bing

    in India.

  87. a_mat

    nice info i just added my site sitemap :) i will be using your tips and guidelines for more SEO :) thank you

  88. nkehrley

    Is there a way to cycle through your backlinks without downloading all the results?

  89. sheel.gohe

    Today I have submitted the site map of my full movies website wesbite . But I am not sure when bing will index my wesbite and how can I get a pagerank for my webpages /website.

  90. dsergi

    my site has only 119 pages indexed, while google has indexed 50000+ pages……

  91. abhibharti

    I think these are the basic tips.

  92. McPrie

    Earlier my site has been indexed by msn, but after renamed to bing now only 3 pages.

    Is there anything that i did wrong?

  93. Altamiraweb

    Live is getting much better!

    Great post!

    I´ve already subscribed the feeds!

  94. sweakley

    How well does Bing handle dynamic links? I know some search engines have problems with them but google says it doesn't matter anymore for their search engine.


  95. beck007

    Thanks but it so hard :))

  96. odc311


    I have had several sites some of which show up on the first page for Google and Yahoo, yet somehow they are 1000+ deep on Bing!?!?! WTF BING? I think there needs to be some adjustment on your crawling engine. Perhaps you should switch to a "Running" engine instead…I think dirt moves faster than the Bing indexing engine.

  97. anil.sanapala

    I am very happy with bing results. I have seo optimized my website for "Survey on mlm" and "mlm survey keywords" and submitted the sitemap to all websites.

    I got 2nd rank in google and 1st rank in bing.

    Bing has done a very good work compared to yahoo, where my website is not even displayed in top 10 while google keeps in 2nd position in their survey results.!!


  98. bmtgolf

    No wonder Bing has such a relatively small percentage of market share, the webmaster tools are pathetic, and the crawl frequency seems really slow.   The majority of the webmaster tools take you to different websites, so you never quite know where you are.

    Andrew –


    I Bing indexes only one page the index ( while others (me most of the web indexed)

    Help .. I can do

  100. phil.swift

    Bing has some major flaws still, please see my forum post here…/9590366.aspx

    Please comment at this forum so we can petition Bing to change the way it works and deliver reasonable expected actions. Phil

  101. BerArt

    Thank for this tips!

  102. varultruck

    I have submitted sitemap in Bing Search Engine for  Bing generated two methods to getting site verified to crawl my website. One is uploading file into my website Root directory, another one is providing Meta tag in root directory index file. But I don't have authentication for both two ways. So that I just want know other ways, if exists to get verified.

  103. royal

    Fabulous information!

    I really appreciate the information that you shared here which will be beneficial to my site for increase my site traffic from Bing.

    Thanks for sharing useful information



    Followed the Bing SEO rules, anxiously awaited the results and imagine that… out of 200 easily accessible pages online, Bing has indexed a whopping 3 pages after 9 months.

    I've got over 60 very good quality backlinks which Bing rates high as it gets. The 3 whole pages it indexed rate as high as it's little ratings meter gets, as does the site… but never… ever… any indexing.

    Google and Yahoo indexed nearly everything.

  105. spot2day


    when compred to google webmaster tools yahoo mebmaster tool performance is bit low for my site yahoo webmastertolls is showing less relevant content links

  106. sbiar

    For those of you above with problems with indexing, have you Register all of your websites with Bing Webmaster Center tools? I did it for and site was indexed very fast

  107. allen.nick715

    Hmm but my site rank well in google not yet in bing :(

  108. novintabligh

    Thanks. but do you thins SEO is different for BING comparing to other search engines like Google?

  109. elitewebstudio

    I would say Bing has been very webmaster friendly with easy to optimize and understand. Most of the Webmasters at Elite Web Studio in Manchester are using Bing in the UK specially in Manchester area for Search Engine Optimization(SEO) purposes. It had brought great results and good business. SEO with Bing had been successful for us at  

  110. aabu2009web


    my site work well in google but in bing not i'm use meta data and check links in my site and submit a sitemap but still their is a problem site is <a href=">Al Al-Bayt University</a>


  111. drauckerr

    Bing has my site indexed #1 for it's primary search term.  That happened only after I sent feedback pointing out that the site has been #1 for that term on Google for years.

    I have over a million unique pages on my site (its a directory).  Bing has indexed 1000 pages.  I get little to no traffic from Bing.  I get 10K+ visitors daily from Google viewing more than half a million pages per month.  

    Is Bing of any use whatsoever?  I don't think so.  Bing simply isn't in the same league with Google.  The index is slow to update, thin in content, and MSNBot seldom goes beyond the first page level.

  112. linux3000

    Its very nice can submit at bing, I hope it can boost my site traffic


    Bing has indexed my website. but whenever i sear for Chemtotal Pty Ltd , it just brings up all the pages that link me, except my website. even if i think bing has penalised my website.

  114. oollea

    Thanks !!

  115. boguck27

    Good info, quality content is always a must


  116. tweek

    It seems that I am doing everything right but Bing is getting tougher to rank and taking much longer to crawl and index

  117. uptraffic.seo

    nice to know

  118. donbmarks

    pretty basic, need to do some more digging with the yahoo conversion coming

  119. imarkinteractive

    Bing has always been slow in indexing sites.  Most of the time they never index all of the pages on your site.  This is something that you have to get used to until they fix their crawler, which no one really knows how long that will take.

  120. mempawah.kotaku

    submit for bing

  121. Compare Infobase

    Very nice

  122. tony_webb44

    one question: you talk about key words. How do you find the relevance, frequency and what Bing has listed as your keywords.

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    may be i should try to my web

  125. lanclipdotcom

    yes, bots of bing is difficult to crawl my website. No traffic is refer by Bing.

    Now, Bing webmaster tool is change. Hope Bing webmaster tool is useful. Thanks.

  126. darah.biroe


    very much


    One issue with Bing search result page: Bing is automatically mixing exact search results with results of some popular searches.

    E.g. Bing will not show website if you search for "userthought" keyword. It will display a lot of unrelated pages based on more popular "user thought" search key phrase.

    Google's approach is much better:

    Google shows two results from exact keyword match AND suggested results BELOW them (NOT MIXED).

    So, the same "userthought" keyword in google shows on the top and other suggested ("user thought") results below.

    This approach satisfies two categories of users – the ones, which search for "userthought" and others, which mistyped and really looking for "user thought" (with space).

  128. matt1969

    Even just getting your website verified (webmaster corner) is difficult. The way to implement the code isn't working or isn't right. May have to email bing about this.

  129. dragontiago


    I'll us this information to improve my blog every day!


  130. wish.maker

    We created a site 6 months and it is not yet crawled. Google found more than 10000 link by now..Please improve


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  132. scoop_1

    I have read the comments. I would just add that I have had the same experinces. Within a few days I can find my pages indexed in google but Bing seems to need more than that in months.

  133. passionlive

    I still don't understand why Bing is so slow in crawling!! Come on guys we need a real competitors to the Google.


  134. adamant


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  136. freewarelovers

    Take ages to get into the sacred bing index.

    Still waiting to get indexed.

  137. prateekshaweb


    anybody tell me how to add sitemap for indexing our website pages in bing


  138. greenchee

    I just begin to use Bing webmaster tools and hope it is helpful, thanks!


  139. nick.bluffspot

    Nice work on the backend – making it very simple to add sites.

  140. ghostcyber

    I have take over 2 months for indexed from Bing

    is everyone know how to get it fast?

  141. krichards

    I have been waiting for over 6 months for Bing to crawl our site. As far as i can tell we are in compliance with the guidelines. We have been indexed by both Google and Yahoo and have been receiving regular traffic from both but never from Bing, makes me wonder if anyone is even using Bing?

  142. niharraj

    Hey! Thanks for the very useful information with links to more knowledge to improve our site rankings on Bing.


  143. Dhillon

    My five year old forum site gets on average 20,000 hits from google but only about 3-400 from bing.

    What am I missing ?

    Now with bing powering yahoo search I'd really like some Bing presence.

  144. Doctor Ray

    I will def. submit my website to bing

    I love bing search engine!

  145. Coldstream

    Google really does need a competent competitor to pull it onto the path where we all, including Google, benefit.  Unfortunately, Google is turning out to be the only player and we will all suffer in the long term.  I was highly enthusiastic about Bing and wanted to all that I could, as a commercial user, to support it.  it started off with poor-to-fair results – I assumed that it would improve.  It has not; it has nose dived into an appalling level of performance.  Microsoft has developed some sound tools such as the II7 suite.  How come such good engineers cannot create a better performance in indexing and search results?  The indexing has declined rather than improved.  Microsoft needs to get its finger out for all our sakes.

  146. Theseattlelimo

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    Have to pay more attention. Looks like Bing is highlighting the image metadata more than Google. I like to use some WordPress plugins that automatically add the alt and title metadata to images. Will have to make sure they are putting the right content in there.

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    I don't know. I've got some brand new sites, they're pretty optimized, and they do index faster in Google. They have higher rankings in Bing. I'm not sure exactly what to make of that. Do I want to be ranked faster, or higher?

    I'm not a fan of one SE over the other. Just my findings.


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    personaly i think the new webmaster bing is so simple and easy to work

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    in 2 monts my site was indexed by bing only one time, maybe the site with many indexes wit bing are payng for this .

  158. adrian29630

    I don't understand why Bing has only indexed one page whereas Google have indexed the whole site.  There are no crawl errors and a site map so it does seem somewhat strange

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    PLUS bing is indexing my website as well as google , is that any suggestions?

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    All the guidlines are more or less similar to Google.

    I submitted my company websites like & and it is not really crawled well till now by bing.

    I will say even google crawling is very complicated, sometimes we dont have crawling for many days even with up to date contents. You guys might agree with me.



    BG Mahesh


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    Google is preferred more than all other search engines.

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