A new wave of innovation in Bing Chat and SwiftKey

Yesterday, Microsoft held an event in New York where we announced a broad set of news from across the company. I was honored to represent the latest innovations coming soon to Bing, Edge, and Microsoft Shopping. Today, we’re sharing more details on these announcements along with new feature updates to AI-powered SwiftKey. 

Powering your productivity to save you time

One of the challenges of traditional search is having to refine your initial queries to find the most relevant and useful information. Most of us do dozens of searches on a single topic; in fact more than 60 percent of those searches are spent tweaking the original query. And what’s more, those searches don’t always consider additional context, like what you’ve searched before or what you’re researching across the web at the same time.

With personalized answers your chat history can inform your results, providing more relevant information. If you’ve used Bing Chat to learn more about your favorite movies, books, or music, future conversations and searches will take those interests into account when providing answers. For example, if you’ve used Bing to track your favorite soccer team, next time you’re planning a trip it can proactively tell you if the team is playing in your destination city.

And of course, if you prefer responses that don’t leverage your chat history, we make it easy to turn this feature off.

Powering your creativity to bring your imagination to life

Since the initial launch of Bing Image Creator, over 1 billion images have been generated, enabling people to create virtually any image you imagine. We’re excited to be implementing the new DALL-E 3 model from Open AI with better renderings for details like fingers, eyes, and shadows.  

And we continue to take a responsible approach to image creation. We’re introducing new Content Credentials, which uses cryptographic methods to add an invisible digital watermark to all AI-generated images—including time and date it was originally created—making the internet a more trustworthy place. The technology employs standards set by the “Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA)” to add an extra layer of trust and transparency for AI-generated images. Other notable companies that have joined C2PA include Adobe, Intel, Sony, and others.

Powering your connections with family and friends in Microsoft SwiftKey

We’re also excited to introduce new AI-powered features built into the SwiftKey mobile keyboard for iOS and Android.

With our AI camera lenses you can create photos, videos, and GIFs with different effects, including lenses that are powered by our collaboration with Snap. Whether you want to update your wife on your trip, show off your new outfit, or just make someone smile, you can choose from over 250 tools and filters to help you express yourself better.

The new AI stickers feature, powered by Bing Image Creator, allows you to create and send personalized stickers based on your own photos or selfies. You can share these stickers with your friends and family on WhatsApp, Messenger, and other communication apps. This is a great way to express yourself in a unique and creative way.
We are also announcing Editor in SwiftKey, to help improve your grammar, spelling, and punctuation on the go. You can highlight any sentence and get instant feedback and suggestions from the AI-powered editor.

Additionally, you can now create stunning images with Bing Image Creator right from your SwiftKey keyboard and you can take a picture or upload an existing photo to get Visual Search results from Bing.

Powering organizations with secure AI Chat

Since its introduction just two months ago, Bing Chat Enterprise is empowering organizations to adopt generative AI with peace of mind thanks to comprehensive security and data protection. More than 160 million Microsoft 365 users now have access to Bing Chat Enterprise at no additional cost. We’re excited to share that we are bringing support for multimodal Visual Search and Image Creator to Bing Chat Enterprise, boosting productivity and creativity at work.

We can’t wait for you to try out these new features, and as always, please keep sharing your feedback and ideas with us. 

– Divya Kumar, GM, Global Search & AI