Bing Preview Release Notes: Images in Chat Answers, and More

This week, we’ve continued to ship the new features we announced on May 4th and respond to your product feedback.  Some of these features may appear temporarily in your Bing chat experience as we experiment with them. These Release Notes will update you on which features have shipped as of today and are now rolling out to everyone.

We started last week by releasing improvements to text formatting and Image Creator language support.  Here’s what we’ve updated this week:

•    Images in chat answers: Bing search is an inherently visual experience, and we’re bringing more of that to chat.  You’ll now see images appear as part of chat responses.  

For example, if you ask Bing chat questions about flamingos or capybaras, an image of these animals will appear in-line with your answer.  Click on the image to launch a knowledge card that allows you to explore more information about their habitat, diet, lifecycle, and other facts.  

Bing chat now supports this experience across a wide range of topics, and we’ll continue to expand this over time.

•    Optimized answers for shopping, weather, finance, and autos: We’ve redesigned the visual elements that appear at the end of text-based answers so they’re better designed for the Bing chat experience.  This has been done across a variety of topics, with the intention of giving you more complete answers to your questions. 

For example: When using chat for shopping, we’ve made it much easier for you to compare side by side the items you’re considering.

•    Better copy and paste experience: We’ve also improved the copy and paste experience when Bing chat generates code or other blocks of formatted text.  You’ll see a separate copy button that allows you to quickly drop it elsewhere.

•    Prompts include text formatting: When writing or copying your prompt into Bing chat, you can now include formatting like paragraphs, bullets, or numbering.

Keep your feedback coming!

-    The Bing Team