Bing Preview Release Notes: More Ways to Access Bing Chat

We’re excited about Monday’s announcement that Bing Chat Enterprise is now available to Microsoft 365 A3 and A5 Faculty users at no additional cost. We look forward to hearing from educators about how they are using it! 

Here’s a summary of what has changed in Bing Chat since our July 31 update

  • Chrome desktop browser support: Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise are now supported in the Chrome desktop browser (using the latest Stable Channel update) for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  Support for other browsers on desktop and mobile is forthcoming.


  • Bing Chat Enterprise on Edge Mobile: We’ve enabled support for Bing Chat Enterprise on Edge Mobile.  If your organization has enabled Bing Chat Enterprise, open Edge Mobile, sign in with your work account, and click on the Bing Chat button to access Bing Chat Enterprise.​


  • New Bing search page templates: We’ve updated our Bing search page templates for certain topics with a more cohesive design and using generative AI content.  The new design avoids content duplication and makes more efficient use of space on the search results page, helping you find answers faster. 

To experience the new design, ask Bing about “Olivia Colman”


  • Expanded access to Bing Chat on Swiftkey. Users can now use Bing Chat in Swiftkey for 30 turns / day without needing to sign in with their Microsoft account. 

Keep your feedback coming! 

The Bing Team