Bing Discusses Design and Technology in NYC

Earlier this week, Bing gathered together a variety of taste makers and journalists at an intimate and interactive panel to discuss the convergence of design and technology. Moderated by Scott Erickson, senior director for Bing, we heard from panelists designer Jonathan Adler, HGTV personality David Bromstad, fashion designer Cesar Galindo, ELLE Décor senior editor Ingrid Abramovitch, and Bing’s Michael Kroll.

Conversation was lively, with each expert weighing in on the idea that technology is moving to a state where beauty and functionality work hand in hand. The new Bing that we unveiledyesterday is doing just that with a beautiful look that draws the eye in, and clean, simple layout. Each of the panelists shared some of their influences, many overlapping with the modern aesthetic and bold colors that inspired the Bing designers.


Getty Images/Bing

Jonathan Adler (left) and Bing’s Scott Erickson talk design after the panel. The “product has to function beautifully…and has to communicate something,” said Adler.


Getty Images/Bing

“Trends are like candy – love to eat them but don’t want them as your daily consumption of food,” says David Bromstad.


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Ingrid Abramovitch said “technology has advanced to a point it has a much lighter footprint and is less disruptive,” making it easier to remodel or restore homes, and to incorporate technology into the home.


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Cesar Galindo says to always “keep your own DNA” involved when creating your style.


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“The great thing about design is that it’s never done,” said Michael Kroll.

– The Bing Team