Introducing My Bing News on Facebook

Current events are often hot topics among friends.  Whether it’s the latest news about an election, the latest celebrity rumors, or how your favorite player did in last night’s game, we all have interests we follow and share with friends.  Our interests are personal and we all have unique preferences when it comes to news.

Today we’re announcing a new experience that makes it easier to follow and share the news that’s most important to you, the My Bing News beta on Facebook.

In the app, you can browse today’s top stories and subscribe to the categories that interest you most – like Politics, Entertainment, or Sports.  Or you can specify a specific topic to follow – like Lady Gaga, the Green Bay Packers, or Dancing with the Stars.  My Bing News will automatically pull the most important stories based on your interests from sources across the web into a personal My News homepage tailored just for you.

Bing News App

Integration with Facebook makes it easy to check the news while you’re checking in on your friends, and easy to share what you find with others.

You’re in control over what and how you share.  You can share and comment on an individual article, or, if you choose, enable sharing as you subscribe to topics and read stories. It’s up to you.

It’s also simple for your friends – they can read what you share without needing to install the app or seeing any prompts for permission.

Try it out today at and start following your favorite topics.

– Nathan Penner, Senior Program Manager, Bing News Team