New updates to the Ethical Shopping hub on Microsoft Bing

This Earth Day we’re excited to announce several updates to the Ethical Shopping experience on Microsoft Bing.

We first released this experience last year in the UK, and today are excited to announce we’ve expanded to more places – the US and Canada in English. 

As a reminder, the hub provides fashion customers with categories like eco-friendly, upcycled, or fair-trade fashion, as well as providing all-up ratings for how ethical a given brand is, where possible. These ratings, powered by Good on You®, are an average of the scores for each three focal areas: people, planet, and animals.



Our goal from the beginning was to help our users do their part on combatting the environmental issues of today, and bringing these ratings and purchase options to more customers around the world helps us achieve this. 
We’ve also updated the design of the listings on the Shopping results page, in light of research that underscored users’ need for increased visibility into sustainability claims. For example, hover over a listing, and you’ll see not only the overall brand rating for the brand, but the eco-friendly criteria it performs well on. This allows you to easily shop in alignment with your values – if a product being vegan is most important to you, for example, or if its not being recycled is a deal-breaker.

Finally, we’ve expanded the experience to show up when you search relevant queries on This ensures you can find your way to the Ethical Shopping hub no matter where you are in the Bing ecosystem, from within the Shopping tab or if something sparks your curiosity while you’re searching in general.


We hope you’re as excited by these updates as we are, and hope you find they help you shop with purpose. We look forward to bringing this experience to more markets and more brands soon.