Start Doing More to Stop Bullying


Last week, we shared information about a new Bing partnership with The Weinstein Company in support of their new anti-bullying documentary, “Bully”. Today is the next step in our journey together to help raise awareness of the serious implications of bullying and inspire change. Starting today we will begin airing advertisements in support of the film, with the goal of inspiring people to start doing more to stop bullying.

Bing is designed for doing and we’re committed to helping people find the best resources to help address this important issue.

You can see the new ad during Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Apprentice on NBC, several shows on CW including 90210, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, and also on FX, Bravo, E! and more.

We encourage you to join the conversation with @Bing at #bullymovie. You can learn more about the film at

– Lisa Gurry, Senior Director, Bing and MSN

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