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We’ve shared some amazing examples of people doing incredible things and today, we want to shine a light on an important issue that has likely touched you, or your loved ones. Bullying affects millions of kids every day – with over 13 million kids in the US being bullied this year, and over 3 million students missing school each month because they feel unsafe at school.

To help combat bullying, The Weinstein Company is premiering a new anti-bullying documentary, “Bully”, tonight in Los Angeles. The goal of “Bully” is to get parents, students, educators, and advocates involved to help stop bullying. The film will be released in New York and Los Angeles theaters on March 30 and in other cities on April 13.


Today, we’re happy to join the “Bully” movement to help raise awareness of the serious implications of bullying with the goal of inspiring people to stand up to bullying. We’re pleased to join together with Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Bieber, Meryl Streep, Anderson Cooper, Kelly Ripa, Demi Lovato, Tommy Hilfiger, Billie Jean King, Drew Brees and many others, including high school student Katy Butler, to help stop bullying. Butler is doing her part – starting a petition to encourage the Motion Picture Association of America to change the rating on “Bully” from R to PG-13 so kids can see the film. Butler gathered more than 400,000 signatures and delivered the petition earlier this month, showing that any of us can make a difference.

Here at Bing, we believe we can help this movement by leading online and driving for change. Bing is designed for doing and we’re committed to helping people find the best resources to help address this important issue. Our partnership with The Weinstein Company includes an ad campaign appearing on TV and online, social media promotion, and the sponsorship of multiple screenings of the film.

Tonight, we’re honored to sponsor the official premiere of “Bully”, hosted by Guiliana Rancic, Joel McHale, and Victoria Justice. Over the next few weeks, we will launch an integrated ad campaign to promote “Bully”, illustrating the impact of bullying and rallying people to get involved to stop bullying. You’ll also see us leading a discussion on our social media channels, highlighting information on, and doing what we can to help.

We encourage you to join the conversation with @Bing at #bullymovie. You can learn more about the film at

Lisa Gurry

Senior Director, Bing and MSN

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  1. 2shoes

    I'm glad to see the pushback against bullying. Even 1 child feeling like they are not worth living because of constant bullying is too much and an absolute tragedy.

  2. Jake313

    This is a great thing, this bullying has gotten out of control. Now kids can even be bullied in their own homes with the invent of cyber-bullies as well. There is no escape these days. It's time to stand up and fight against this mess.

  3. Makeadifferance

    I have two boys that are diagnosed with autism. My oldest has delt with the wrath of bullying every year at school. I have had to advocate for him so many times I have lost count. Wha t I have discovered on all these years are repeated responses that the educators have a habit of handling these  issues that occur.

    1) blaming the child for getting bullied

    2) telling me something that he may have done a few days ago that was not brought to my attention until he was bullied.

    3) having to find out from the neighbor kid that attends the school that our son was ganged up on & punched to go to the school & the school psychologist that took care of it denies that it had happened. Did not log it down.

    4) in 4 th grade 2 boys had taken my sons hand & pushed his hand on a girls bottom. I call the school principle whom assures me that he would take care of it. I asked my son what happened he tells me that the principle told him " come on you know you did it.

    5) having the school councilor two days ago telling me that same old crap that bulling exist and that she wishes she could prevent this from happening….

    6) be told from a child that attends the school that teachers turn a blind eye, or taking sides.

    7) not addressing the issue immediately.

    My son is now finishing 8 th grade , he has anxiety every weekend he has to go to school, he says that no one talks to him,he eats by himself, if he sits next to anyone thy get up from the table. I tried home schooling & he was frustrated at sitting in front of the computer & asked to go back to school.

    This year he has been bullied in the locker room, has had two girs and one boy spitting loogy all over his binder, and the thus. Before spring break 8 boys harassed him in wood shop while the teacher was in the back room assisting children on heavy machienery( exactly where the teacher should have been).

    I have so many more there is just not enough room to express it all. I almost had a civil suit in place with the elementary.

    I am a substitute educational assistant at a different elementary school that my other son attends for the special Ed department. What really is hard is that I only have one car, that my husband uses to go to work. I have a 25 mph electric scooter used that can only take me to my work & back. I want to work at the middle school that my son attends but I am lacking in transportation! I am praying for God to provide me with a means of getting there next year because my other son will be attending this middle school and the high school is across the street so I can be at both places. So please please pray for our family. I am tired of having to deal with this. My son is a great hard working student that gets overwhelmed with his work because of the extra  stresses

    he has to deal with on a daily basis. Mainstreaming for some of our kids is a terrible idea!

  4. monique.ricardo

    Bullies are just people that have very low self esteem and think by picking on people that it makes them look cool and strong, schoolboards, teachers and anyone in authorities need to protect the victims and do more to stop it. Anyone that bullies needs to be charged and held accountable for their actions and parents of bullies need to be held responsible for their kids actions as well. Parents stop raising bullies and spend more time teaching them manners and respect for others.

  5. Janet Sasson Edgette

    Finally, what has always been looked at as "boys being boys" or "something every kid goes through" is being recognized for what it really is: social ordering run amok with unmitigated cruelty and opportunism. I can’t wait for these bullied boys to learn of the growing army of support behind them, and see in it our vigorous endorsement of their irrefutable value as human beings.

    Janet Sasson Edgette

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