Get ready for fall sports with new imagery on Bing Maps

Last month we announced that we’d recently surpassed the 100-city mark for both our Streetside imagery and our 3D cities. This month we’re adding even more new places to visit, including a number of cities where big time professional and college sports are part of the fall calendar. Whether you’re going to the big game or watching on television photorealistic imagery on Bing Maps is a great way to enhance your experience.

Below, we highlight just a sampling of the new imagery. See the end of this post for a complete list of all the new imagery now available on Bing Maps and in the Bing Maps Preview app.

Where the pros play

Professional teams are back in action and you can use Bing Maps to check out their cities and stadiums, look for great tailgating spots and see how far they are from downtown. Our Streetside cars were recently in the Detroit area and captured this view of Ford Field, home to the Detroit Lions:

Streetside imagery of Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan

Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan

Aerial imagery is a great way to check view outdoor stadiums. It’s pretty easy to pick out parking, entrances and even seating sections from high-resolution aerial imagery like this example of Heinz Field in Pittsburgh:

Aerial image of Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Using the recently updated Bing Maps Preview app, available exclusively on Windows 8.1, you can view stadiums in incredible 3D detail. Here’s a look at Philadelphia’s Sports Complex where you can satisfy your professional sports needs whether you like baseball, basketball or football:

3D imagery of Philadelphia Sports Complex

Philadelphia Sports Complex in Philadelphia, PA on the Bing Maps Preview app

Show that college spirit!

College sports are a big part of the back to school season, especially college football. Bing Maps features imagery of a number of sports venues and many are located on some of the most scenic college campuses in the nation. For example, if you’re a “Fighting Illini” fan you’ll enjoy exploring Memorial Stadium and the Champaign-Urbana campus in 3D:

3D imagery of University of Illinois Memorial Stadium

Memorial Stadium at University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana on the Bing Maps Preview app

Some stadiums get called on to do double duty. Our Streetside cars were recently in Minneapolis and caught a great view of TCF Bank stadium that is hosting both the University of Minnesota “Golden Gophers” and the Minnesota Vikings while their new stadium is under construction:

Streetside imagery of TCF Bank Stadium

TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota

If there’s one thing college teams take seriously it’s their mascots. Our aircraft recently visited Fresno, California and captured a 40-foot tall version of the Fresno State Bulldog on their stadium field:

Aerial imagery of Fresno State University Stadium

Fresno State University football stadium in Fresco, California

More venues coming soon

This is just a sampling of what’s available today on Bing Maps and we’re actively collecting new imagery. Check back next month to learn what new cities and venues are available.

Too good to pass up

It’s not directly related to fall sports but we just had to share this image of Niagara Falls which looks amazing in 3D in the Bing Maps Preview app. Enjoy!

3D imagery of Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls in 3D on the Bing Maps Preview app

New Streetside cities this month include:

Connecticut Massachusetts (cont.) Washington
Bristol Tewksbury Auburn
East Hartford Townsend Bellevue
Farmington Wakefield Enumclaw
Hartford Waltham Everett
New Britain Watertown Federal Way
West Hartford Woburn Kent
Delaware Michigan Lynnwood
Wilmington Dearborn Mukilteo
Massachusetts Detroit North Bend
Billerica Grosse Point Redmond
Brockton Livonia Renton
Burlington Romulus Sammamish
Cambridge Minnesota SeaTac
Chelmsford Bloomington Seattle
Concord Hennepin County Snohomish
East Cambridge Minneapolis Snoqualmie
Everett New Jersey Tukwila
Framingham East Rutherford Vashon Island
Lexington Edison Woodinville
Lowell Fort Lee Wisconsin
Malden Hackensack Brookfield
Marlborough New Brunswick Franklin
Medford Piscataway Glendale
Natick Woodbridge Greendale
Needham New York Greenfield
Newton Brooklyn Milwaukee
Reading Queens Wauwatosa
Somerville Oregon West Allis
Stoneham Salem

New 3D cities this month include:

United States United States (cont.) Canada
Albuquerque, NM Mobile, AL Calgary, Alberta
Baltimore, MD Oklahoma City, OK Edmonton, Alberta
Birmingham, AL Philadelphia, PA Montreal, Quebec
Detroit, MI Pittsburgh, PA Niagara Falls, Ontario
El Paso, TX Raleigh, NC Quebec City, Quebec
Indianapolis, IN Salt Lake City, UT
Jackson, MS Santa Fe, NM

Download the newly updated Bing Maps Preview app from the Windows Store to view these cities in 3D.

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