Building Virtual Earth Applications for iPhone

Ok, so let’s just jump in with both feet here. We have a “Bing Maps Interactive SDK” to tip your toe in the water, but with all of the emails I’m getting about this, lets just go ahead and dig into the options for Bing Maps development on the iPhone.

This is so exciting!” – Craig Robinson, Pineapple Express.

Sign Up & Documentation
First things first, you’ll need a Virtual Earth Web Service developer account to get started so go sign up. Bing Maps is fully documented so you’ll want to have that accessible. 

Options – 2 choices for iOS
(1 - Web Based ) This option comes in two flavors

  • ​Build a Website and access it from a connected device
  • Build an App and embed the Web control within that app

(2 - Native App )

  • Build anApp using the Mobile SDK from Bing Maps

For the best experience, including 3D cities and more we would recommend using the Mobile SDK but for portability and cross OS compatability, the Web control is a  great option.  Choose whichever best suits your use case.