Bing Maps releases three new services: Mixed Reality Map Control, iOS & Android Controls preview & MIO API

The past several weeks had a lot of exciting developments when it comes to Bing Maps. As the team prepared for Microsoft Build 2019, we were also busy working on several next level new releases that really show what maps can do! We’re making it easier than ever to build immersive, flexible and optimized experiences using Bing Maps APIs.

Native controls preview for iOS and Android

Flexibility is the name of the game for our new Bing Maps SDK public preview for Android and iOS. This new library makes it easier than ever to build mapping applications for iOS and Android, providing a consistent experience across platforms. The new SDK for iOS and Android features new controls powered by a full vector 3D map engine with a number of standard mapping capabilities running with native performance. With this SDK, you can maintain consistent user experiences including custom styling across these platforms.

Bing Maps Native Control for Windows

Get more details from the announcement blog post.

Next level routing – Multi-Itinerary optimization

Routing can become quite the complex operation when you have multiple stops, timeframes, and agents to consider. Factor in the ebb and flow of traffic and you have quite the problem to solve. Enter the Bing Maps Multi-Itinerary optimization (MIO) API. This new API automates route optimization processes by creating itineraries that support multi-day route planning, multiple drivers and shifts, service time windows, priorities and dwell time at each destination, all while considering the predicted traffic on the route and customers’ preferences for reducing cost related to travel time and distance.

Bing Maps Multi Itinerary API

Read the announcement blog post to learn even more about this powerful API.

Maps SDK – A Mixed Reality Map Control

This latest release brings all the cool things about 3D maps to Unity developers. As a map control for Unity, Maps SDK makes it possible to fold Bing Maps’ 3D world data into Unity-based, mixed reality experiences. This control is drag-and-drop and provides an off-the-shelf 3D map, customizable controls, along with the building blocks for creative mixed reality map experiences.

Bing Maps in Mixed Reality Outings Application
*** Update *** The Maps SDK for Unity, a Microsoft Garage project, has ended. As of February 22, 2024, The Maps SDK for Unity is deprecated. The SDK will be available until June 30, 2024 and the service will shut down March 1, 2025. Our team learned a lot during this experiment, and we appreciate the community's involvement with our Microsoft Garage project.

We are excited about the new developments and look forward to seeing all the cool things you build with them. To learn more about the Bing Maps APIs, go to our website. To connect with the team and provide feedback or suggestions about the next great thing we should work on, reach out to us on the Bing Maps Forum.

- Bing Maps team