Enable Virtual Earth Inertia

*** Updated 2023 ***
Inertia is that cool spinning of the globe effect in Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D. Well, it’s actually available in the new 3D city experience in Bing Maps. To try this out, take the following steps:

  • Open Bing.com/maps
  • Search for Seattle
  • Click on one of the black cubes

Seattle 3D Experience on Bing Maps

  • I chose the one covering the "S" in Seattle, called Seattle Great Wheel and it begins to spin automatically once it is loaded

Seattle Wheel in 3D on Bing Maps

  • In the distance you can see "Alki Point Light" and you can move to that location either by going back to the main map or by clicking it from here

Alkipoint in 3D on Bing Maps

  • For a bonus experience, you can try the controls
    • The bottom left allows you to change direction, North, South, East & West
    • The bottom right has a clock control that allows you to choose the time of day. I like watching the sunset for example
    • The middle right is pretty obvious with the "+" and "-". It is zoom in and out
    • The top right has share, feedback and the "X" to exit the experience

Now you can hop through 3D experiences in major cities with the fluid motion of flying over the Earth and spinning with complete freedom.