Thematic Mapping and Heat Maps with Virtual Earth

I’ve had a couple inquiries about heat maps of late, so wanted to ensure people are aware of the capabilities enabled and resources available for creating heat maps with Virtual Earth. I would like to highlight some samples of how easy it is to create a Heat Map in the Bing Maps for Enterprise V8 Control.

Bing Maps Heat Map Sample   Basic Heat Map The following example loads 1,000 random locations into a heat map that are within the initial view of a loaded map.
Bing Maps Custom heat map sample   Customized Heat Map The heat map is customized such that the intensity is increased to 0.65, and a custom color gradient is used.
Bing Maps Fully Custom Map Style editor   Render GeoJSON as Heat Map This code sample loads in earthquake data for the last 30 days and displays them as a heatmap layer.

Find these and more samples at