Web Applications referencing 'sdk.virtualearth.net' are cookie free!

UPDATE: We are now up to v8 of the Microsoft Maps Web control! Did you know that you can call the API in "Cookie-less" mode by using the Virtual Earth endpoint as documented? See https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/bingmaps/v8-web-control/creating-and-hosting-map-controls/creating-a-basic-map-control

"If you need to call the control without the use of cookies, use the Virtual Earth endpoint rather than the Bing endpoint. To use Virtual Earth endpoint, you would change the src= in the URLs that start with www.bing.com to start with sdk.virtualearth.net."

As it becomes more and more critical to understand the cookies that are used on your site, the Microsoft Maps team has created a cookie free experience. Note, as you might expect, it will not keep the last location viewed and other optimizations that the Bing cookies provide.  Rather it will perform the same as if all cookies were rejected or blocked as to not introduce any cookies that were not expected.