Learn more about Elisa Jasinska - Network Toolsmith


Elisa Jasinska started her Internet career as a Network Engineer at the

Amsterdam Internet Exchange in 2005. The exchange point, also called

AMS-IX, is a member driven non-profit Internet exchange based in

Amsterdam, the Netherlands. With its small team, great atmosphere and

incredibly smart people, AMS-IX made Elisa enthusiastic about networks and

Internet technologies and she has been enjoying the Internet industry

ever since.


Being part of a small team provides for a wide range of experiences. The

AMS-IX network team took care of everything around the Ethernet platform:

design, installation, troubleshooting, automation, liaison with sales and

marketing on technical matters etc. Elisa has worked on a variety of

projects for AMS-IX, for instance an sFlow collection and analysis

platform as well as the AMS-IX route server deployment.


In 2010 Elisa joined Limelight Networks, a CDN provider based in Phoenix,

Arizona. Elisa worked for Limelight out of Europe as part of the Network

Architecture and Engineering team. She enjoyed the chance to extend her

(so far mostly Layer 2 based) horizon into the the routing world, working

on various projects including traffic flow collection and analysis for

routing, peering and traffic engineering purposes.


Elisa recently joined Microsoft as a Senior Engineering Services Engineer

(aka. Network Toolsmith). She will continue working remotely out of Europe

for the GNS Core Engineering team. Elisa enjoys traveling the world, she

speaks 3 + 2 * 1/2 languages and likes the sea.