Microsoft Against the Universe by Kay

Does anyone have any faith in Microsoft anymore? Everywhere you go you hear about how much people despise Microsoft for buying the next company that is failing. Everywhere you go you hear about how the company is doing another layoff.  Microsoft has been deemed the bad guy of the software world for years. It is literally Microsoft vs. the Universe, and Microsoft still has the upper hand, right?

Some education for those who are not a fan of Microsoft

Microsoft started in humble beginnings in 1975, and worked its way towards domination through the Personal Computer circuit. Since then, it has evolved from MS-DOS to Windows 7. The reason why it has made it this far (and so successfully for that matter)? TRUST

People trust Microsoft. Microsoft builds such good relationships with the consumer who uses their products, that they are now firmly implanted in everyone’s minds that they are the best. Surely, a company with such good initiative is the best option to provide a quality product? Let’s say it altogether now… most competitors are jealous of Microsoft being so successful. In essence, the world is just jumping on the band-wagon against Microsoft. Microsoft has turned into the butt of many jokes, although we are one of the most successful companies in history, who could only have been successful if we provided something which is actually good!

Microsoft may be against the universe, but it still has the universe on its side!