NEW DATE FOR OUR EVENT: “Invent the Future with Qi Lu – Come Join Our Bing Team”


Bing will be hosting a recruiting event in Sydney, Australia the week of January 30th thru February 3rd, 2012 to recruit top talent from all over Australia and neighboring countries and our focus will be:

  • Software Development Engineer (SDE)
  • Software Development Engineer In Test (SDET)
  • Program Managers
  • UX Designers with Portfolios

All experienced levels who are interested in relocating to the U.S. At this time, we are looking to hire for the roles listed below.

To learn more, please send your information and an updated Resume/CV to: The Online Services Division is the driving force behind Microsoft’s search and online innovations. Our product portfolio includes: Bing, Bing Mobile, MSN, Ads Platform, and Global Foundation Services.
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Here is a summary of our awesome Bing Dream Team who you will be meeting while in Sydney, Australia:

Bing Dream Teams

Bing Design Team

“We’ve built a design team with good soul and we’ve really found the beat to the music!” -Laura Kern, User Experience Director, Bing

Have you ever considered how design can be a driving force in radically transforming how all the information on the web can be organized and accessed? Are you looking for a challenge that encompasses a broad set of design issues? Do you want to work in a highly supportive environment that’s low on hierarchy and high on team based collaboration? Bing Design group is seeking an exceptional designers for creating beautiful, elegant and impactful design solutions. The Bing Design team’s mission is to create a usable and memorable experience for Bing. Our designers strive to be one step ahead of Google, and create innovative design solutions that go above and beyond the traditional paradigms of search engines.

*All candidates must send a portfolio or work samples along with their inquiries. Please indicate your specific roles and contributions for each project submitted as part of the portfolio.

Bing Index Platform Team

Do you want to work on the largest scale service at Microsoft? Do you want to go head to head with the toughest service competition facing Microsoft? Are you passionate about building a service that tens of millions of people interact with every day, all over the world, with superb quality, high performance and low cost? Do you want to pursue the cutting edge of computer science?

If so, Index Platform is the team for you. We are the search engine of Bing, and we provide the platform foundation for Bing and the Online Service Division. Index Platform is a large distributed system to serve Search results at a scale of thousands of queries per second, from thousands of servers, going through billions of documents, with relevance, in a matter of milliseconds. We’re building our search service as a platform that developers inside and outside of Microsoft can use to build rich applications.

As a Program Manager on this team, you will define the vision and strategy, drive design and architecture, manage execution, interface with customers and partners, collaborate with developers and testers, excel in communication and presentation, have the abilities and skills to influence senior management and broad features teams, own multiple services or features with accountability.

This is an energetic and productive group with a startup atmosphere, where anything is possible. It is a result driven, agile and adaptive. We are working on technologies and products that require large investments and have long term impacts to our company’s success and at the heart of the customer experience of the internet.

The Bing Client Team

The Bing Clients team integrates search and IQ gleaned from the internet into users’ daily experiences like web browsing, watching TV, or playing games. Through this work, we hope to make it more convenient and personally relevant for users to harness the power of the web in their day-to-day lives. We do this today through products like the BingBar (an extension for Internet Explorer) and our upcoming Kinect/voice-powered Bing for Xbox; going forward, we’re looking for even more exciting ways to integrate search seamlessly into users’ lives.

Bing Test Organization

Are you interested in applying novel data mining and machine learning approaches to detect and correct defects at unfathomable scale? Or rather, are you passionate about engineering fundamentals; innovating on infrastructure tools and services and enabling engineering agility? Or maybe you are passionate about designing and implementing systems analytics and measurement; enabling telemetry across hundreds of thousands of machines near realtime? In the Bing Test Organization, we are focused on driving quality in various dimensions across Bing. In order to succeed, we need passionate and highly skilled engineers to fill our ranks. We are hiring for several engineering positions (Software Design Engineers and Software Design Engineers in Test).

Bing Development Organization

Do you like to work on the hardest problems in computing with the biggest user impact? Is Search your vision of computing’s future, but it isn’t nearly there yet? Want to be the one to make it happen?

We work on the cutting edge of computer science, where a petabyte of data is “small,” ten thousand machines is a “little cluster,” and one second is an “eternity.” Our tools include machine learning models and the world’s largest distributed system. We are a high powered startup inside of Microsoft, working on technology and products that are critical to our company’s success and at the heart of the customer experience of the internet.

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to experience Microsoft’s new search engine Bing and seen how we’re changing the game in Search. Bing is receiving amazing reviews and generating lots of great buzz. Bing has had a fantastic year so far. After the successful brand launch earlier this year, the team has been working hard, both on closing the gap with our competitors in key areas like relevance, as well as driving thought leadership with new paradigms for search and user experience. This is probably one of most exciting times to be on the team, and you have an opportunity to help shape its future.