What Are You Thankful For This Year? By Kay

Happy Thanksgiving 2010!



Here we are again, celebrating another Thanksgiving. What a blessing it is been for me to be a part of an awesome team, Online Service Division/BING. Thank you all for the experience I take with me as I move into my new role as a Program Manager for the Microsoft Diversity Recruiting Team/DRIVE.  I strive to remember every day of the year how lucky I am, and each year as Thanksgiving approaches I make a special effort to say THANK YOU not only for my blessings, but for the blessings of my friends (work and non-work folks) and family.  While many of us will be sitting down to tables laden with all manner of great foods, try to remember that some people are not that fortunate. Some will be standing in soup lines; some will have to wait for someone to bring them a meal, and sadly, some will go to bed hungry too. With that said, let’s try to be more thankful for all the fortunes we have AND let’s remember to give something back, even if it’s a dollar or two.