Meet Bing Platform Experiences - Michelle Holtmann


Meet Michelle Holtmann, Principal Program Manager Lead in Bing Platform Experience.

I am also celebrating my 13th anniversary with Microsoft.  I have been blessed during my career here to have worked on so many interesting things, including spending the last two years working on Entertainment Search technologies for Xbox [for both their console and Windows apps].  During my tenure in OSD, I was also responsible for Bing’s first in-car search deal with Toyota which made its market debut in July 2011 [as part of their Entune® in-car technology offering].  Prior to joining OSD I spent 3 years in the Windows Mobile [now Windows Phone] division as the GPM of the Networking team and then as a Lead Program Manager working on building differentiated features for Microsoft’s OEM partners [LG Electronics].  One of my true passions is anti-piracy [and anti-piracy technologies] and I spent almost 7 years working on core anti-piracy technologies for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Prior to joining Microsoft, I spent 10 years in the industry riding the .com wave [Spry, Inc.] working on one of the first commercially available Internet browsing software suites, “Internet In A Box”, which subsequently won PC Magazine’s product of the year in 1995.  I have also had the opportunity to work other established companies in the greater Seattle area such as Attachmate and Boeing. 

On a personal note, I am a Seattle area native, I am married and we have one child (17 year old daughter).  In my free time I love to read, cook, travel and play golf.