Introducing Diana – Content Ads Product Manager

  My name is Diana and I am the Content Ads Product Manager in APS.  Right now we are focused on Yahoo! migration and landing it successfully.  It is a very interesting time to work in this division and I am excited by the huge opportunities for Content Ads in the next year.  Before I joined full-time, I was a vendor with the same group and got to learn a lot about APS and Microsoft.  From the start, I was impressed with the intelligence and enthusiasm that people here have.  Coming previously from a television company, it was also refreshing to come to a company that is so focused on the future.  It is wonderful to see the collaboration within the group at this crazy time and I am looking forward to more partnerships with other business units across Microsoft moving forward.  When I am not working on Content Ads, I love to be outdoors, running, swimming, skiing and climbing with my husband and dog.  We moved from California last year and I am still adjusting to the weather, but even during the gray days (and there are a few), I am loving Washington and working at Microsoft.