A Recruiter's Dear Santa Letter

Dear Santa:

I don’t ask for much but since last year’s request of winning the lotto or hitting the jackpot in Vegas was a bust, I have prepared a better list.  One with more tangible items that I know you can easily get your hands on. 

Louis Vuitton Handbag
Jimmy Choo Shoes (size 8 ½ )
Diamond Earrings
Anything  Burberry
Microsoft’s Surface
Halo 4
and some toys for my cat Rose and puppy Colonel

Oh and last, but not certainly least, in the true spirit of giving this holiday season, my Bing Advertising team is looking for a backend Software Development Engineer.  So, Santa, as you make your rounds this year, maybe make this job posting the landing page on any new computer you deliver (even the Macs).  I promise to be good and will leave a few extra cookies and some milk with a little something something in it for you (cause I know you have a long night ahead of you).

Thanks Santa!

Katherine Stern

PS – I don’t care about anything else on my list, just find me that developer (or more) and I will be a happy recruiter this year! (think of it as payback for not getting me that Easy Bake Oven I wanted when I was 6)!