Meet - Dave with Global Foundation Services (GFS)

Hi, my name is Dave.  I am based out of our Mountain View location and am a Group Manager in the Global Networking Services Implementation team within the Global Foundations Services organization.  


Our team builds network infrastructure to ensure that BOS enterprise customers have the required capacity and bandwidth requirements to support new growth. The teams maintain responsibility for deploying to GNS architectural standards ensuring repeatable processes and supportability with the operational support groups. During my previous 10 years with Microsoft, I have been afforded the luxury of working with many different MSN Partners. I started out as network engineer working on product called WebTV, progressing through Hotmail, Messenger and managing a day-to-day Move Add Change group based in India. To date, traveling and spending time in India remains one of the main highlights of my professional career.


Previous to my employment with Microsoft, I worked for Lockheed Martin for 20 years. I was hired directly out of college as a Structural Test engineer.  Having a relatively destructive personality, it was a perfect fit since I was able to bend and twist devices to determine their breaking point.  I moved on to work different projects within the Space Systems division and became a test engineer working on various flight ready systems. I became involved with Networking while working at LMSC. I traveled to a variety of aerospace and Armed Services facilities installing various networking hardware and turning up T1 circuits allowing senior individuals to review test data from the comforts of their own office.


During the past 10 years at Microsoft, the things that I have loved the most are working with highly intelligent, energetic, and competitive individuals.  Collaborating with other individuals or groups on different services and products while factoring in constantly changing technologies can be perplexing but rewarding and an awesome feeling! I need to also speak to how well Microsoft treats its employees and their families.  I see this same passion reflected in the nature of the employees. Even though everyone is busy, there always seems to be enough time to answer a question or lend a bit of advice when asked. Microsoft is a truly a great company for anyone with a passion for technology and enjoys working with terrific people while getting paid to do it! 


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