Recruiting is like match making by LaShawn

I am LaShawn Morgan, a Staffing Consultant at Microsoft.  I’ve been in the recruiting industry now for 10 years. 


I’ve often been asked, “why did you get into recruiting?” and “do you like what you do?”  I was certainly asked this question when I recently spoke to a group of students from a communications class & a student leadership conference at Western Washington University (WWU).  I took the request to speak with these students very seriously.  I knew I needed to prepare for the questions around resume building, interviewing techniques and general tips on what they need to do to stand apart from their peers, but I was pleasantly surprised by some of these questions around my job. 


Though I only needed a slight moment to collect my thoughts before I responded – a wave of appreciation and humility came over me.  Of course I remember how & why I like this job – it’s the opportunity to make a difference and an impact.  I’ve always felt that way about recruiting. 


With every company – big, medium or small – it’s the people/employees that drive its mission & vision forward.  It’s the company’s real bottom line.  So, what a great honor it is for me to be in a position to find talented people for my company, and in turn help a candidate make a big decision in their career (and their bottom line). J

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