Well now that I have your attention, I have tips to get a recruiter’s attention.


Given today’s high unemployment rate, recruiters are being inundated with a higher than normal volume of resumes by interested candidates.  The question is, as a highly qualified and interested candidate for an opening, how do you stand out in crowd?  How does your name rise to the top?  Darn it…how do you get that recruiter or hiring manager to call you and find out just how perfect you are for the role in question?  An attention grabbing resume is one of those ways!!!


Don’t open with a run-of-the-mill objectives about how you want to expand your career and knowledge!


Open with a more descriptive headline describing who you are.


Toss out the common objective that says: “A full-time position to apply my knowledge and skills as a Software Engineer or C++ Developer.” Try this statement instead: “Talented C++ Developer with extensive experience in developing E-commerce, internet/intranet and client/server applications using C++, C, VC++, ATL, MFC, OOPS, COM/DCOM, COM+.”

Use a headline to grab the attention of the recruiter; you’ll stand out from the rest.  Be clear and concise so the recruiter doesn’t have to read through your resume to figure it out.


Minus the Fluff

Candidates tend to list “soft skill” that recruiters would expect, such as: “good communications,” “detail oriented,” “flexible,” and my favorite “ability to pick up new skills fast”.  See my previous post on overused words that make your resume suck.  


STAND OUT from the rest by adding a summary of your skills and accomplishments followed by the attention-grabbing headliner. You should target your skills, history, and what industries your strength lies in, letting the recruiter know your specific accomplishments.



• Ten years of programming experience in SAS (Base, SQL, and Data Steps) in Windows environments

• Expertise in data analysis, data mining, and modeling, including customer segmentation, predictive behavior analysis.

• Five years expertise in analytics, and time series forecasting in the online marketing industries

NOTE: This is the place to showcase your resume based on the needs of the job you’re applying and focusing on the specific needs of the company and the job description. 

Words are Powerful!

I think people hung up on creating the ULTIMATE one-page resume. To ensure your significant experience is delineated, but also make sure you aren’t being repetitive or going on and on to make it look as though you been busy.


Be A Marketing Machine

Build your network and market to them your skills and experience. Talk about your passion, educate others, and get people to interact with you within your social networks. Showcase a simple blog with an eye-catching headline, a summary of accomplishments, education, technical skills, and industries you have worked on.  Provide a quick 360-degree view for anyone who comes across your blog or other social networks. Consider using social media as the way to market what you want others to know about you!

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