Optimize on the go with the Bing Webmaster Tools Android App

Great news for webmasters and website owners using Android phones and tablets! Bing Webmaster Tools is now available on mobile devices, enabling you to efficiently manage your site’s performance in Bing search results when you're on-the-move. The new Android app enhances your SEO toolkit, providing a comprehensive suite of powerful tools that make it easy to stay ahead of the game wherever you are.  

Harness the Android app’s potential for enhancing your website's performance in Bing search results with these key features:  

  • Monitor Site Performance: Keep a keen eye on your website's visitors, search rankings, and crawling details. 
  • Identify and Fix Issues: Receive timely notifications about issues that may impact your search results, such as HTML markup or crawling errors.
  • Submit Sitemaps and URLs: Seamlessly submit sitemaps and individual URLs to Bing, ensuring it's aware of all your website's content. 
  • Analyze Keyword Performance: Monitor the performance of your chosen keywords and discover opportunities for improvement. 

Advantage of using Bing Webmaster Tools Android app

  • Convenience: Gain instant access to your website's statistics anytime, anywhere with your Android device. 
  • Timeliness: Receive real-time notifications on critical matters, allowing you to respond promptly. 
  • Proactive SEO: Detect potential issues early, enabling you to mitigate their negative impact on your SEO ranking. 
  • Enhanced Control: Manage your site's SEO directly from your mobile phone. 

Downloading and Using the Bing Webmaster Tools Android App 


To get started with the Bing Webmaster Tools Android App, simply download the app from Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools on the Google Play store. 

The Bing Webmaster Tools Android App provides invaluable insights into your website's SEO performance, enables you to identify and address issues in real-time, and enhances your website's visibility and traffic in Bing search results. Download and harness the power of the Bing Webmaster Tools Android App for a seamless and effective mobile SEO experience today!

Bing Webmaster Team