Tools to manager SEO work, keyword research and analytics

This week we’ll tackle something everyone talks about and many spend far too much time searching for.  Tools.  Tools for seo work, keyword research and analytics tools.

The lists below are by no means comprehensive.  There are some obvious tools missing from the keyword research and analytics lists, for example.  And we’re not endorsing any of the third party tools in these lists.  We did want to provide the information though, to get you started.  Keep in mind that som eof these tools will be free, while others will require you to pay to access data.

Your job is to research the tools and decide which ones best fit your individual needs.

To start with, we will recommend the Bing Webmaster Tools, with their SEO Reports, SEO Analyzer, Link Explorer, Organic Keyword Research Tool and more.  We’ve built a comprehensive set of tools to get you started, and some of these, such as Link Explorer and the SEO Analyzer exist at no other search engine for free.

When you can, you should take advantage of officiial tools provided by the engines.  Beyond that, there are lots of tools online that can help with a number of different fields of focus you may need to work on.  With that said, let’s get to the lists.

SEO Tools

Keyword Research Tools


There is even a digital analytics association to help get you certified as a web analyst.

To wrap up this week, we’ll leave you with some further reading from some of the leading industry sources: