Exploring Data Shown in Connected Pages

Last week we launched Connected Pages, allowing you to connect your social pages within your webmaster account, with the benefit being you get to see data about the social pages.

We’ve seen a huge amount of activity with businesses connecting pages in the week since launch and for that, we’re thankful!

As a quick overview here is the data you can now see inside WMT when you connect pages:

On the Connected Pages Homepage:

  • Impression Count
  • Click Count
  • Trends for above for the time period selected

On the Dashboard page:

  • Impression & Click Count Chart for the selected period
  • Impression & Click Count for the selected period and comparison to the previous period.
  • Query Keyword Table: What Click and Impression you get from the specific keywords. (At launch, this is a weekly table, meaning data refreshes weekly.)
  • Inbound links to your connected page.

Data being shown for your Connected Pages is similar in nature to that being shown for pages within your own website.

Like you can see who is linking to individual pages within your website, you can see who is linking to your social pages. Like you can see which keywords your web pages rank for, you can see what keywords your social pages are ranking for. All with the same click and impression data.

A guiding idea behind launching Connected Pages was to make it easier for you to see data about what matters to your business in one location.

If you haven’t checked out Connected Pages yet, stop by the Help & How-To page that explains how to set up and activate this new feature.

– Duane Forrester, Sr. Product Manager Bing