Optimize your Impact with IndexNow Insights

IndexNow, the game-changing protocol designed to revolutionize the way websites communicate with search engines, is releasing a new feature to give website owners even more control over their SEO game.  

Located in the Bing Webmaster Tools dashboard, IndexNow Insights provides website owners with actionable insights on IndexNow submitted URLs to boost their visibility and rankings. Through both top-level metrics and detailed reports, website owners now have a comprehensive view of IndexNow submitted URLs indexing performance that allows them to make more informed, strategic decisions to enhance their online visibility.


With IndexNow Insights you can...
  • Learn about issues with crawled URLs and the status of your submitted URLs.
  • Receive detailed reports on the number of URLs submitted, crawled, and indexed.
  • Learn about your latest 1000 submitted URLs, including their index status, first indexed date, and whether they were submitted late.
  • Get insights into the source of your URL submissions, whether through Cloudflare, WordPress, manual submission, or other means.
  • With the ‘Important URLs Missing’ tab, find out which newly discovered links are getting clicked but were not recently visible in IndexNow, helping you to better optimize your content and identify any technical issues. 
  • Get detailed information on individual errors, including content quality, robots disallowed, not crawled, indexed, and deadlinks. View a list of problematic URLs and steps to fix them.
  • Drill-down for further details on non-indexed URLs, sample URLs, submission times, and mitigation steps to getting URLs indexed.
  • Export indexing trends for further analysis or reporting.

Whether you’re looking to fine-tune your content strategy, accelerate your website’s discoverability, or simply stay ahead in the digital landscape, IndexNow Insights unlocks a more informed and proactive approach to search engine indexing. Access it here to take better control of your SEO strategy and search engine visibility today.