Quick Feature Review: Site Move, Geo Targeting and Verify Bingbot

It’s a busy world and things move fast.  With that in mind, I’m going to do a light touch on a few features we added in the not-to-distant past, in case folks missed them the first time.

Site Move

Need to move your site?  This feature lets you scope whether you’re moving a directory, a subdomain or a domain.  You can then spec where the destination is to let us know about that move.  Two options exist to help refine things for you.  You can select whether this move is within an existing site, or to another site (thought his does require the other destination site be verified within Big Webmaster Tools).

This is a great option for sites moving to a new domain looking to preserve as much of the original site’s value as possible.  Ultimately the new domain must build its own trust, but this is a great way to kickstart things.

Lots more detail available in the Bing Webmaster Help Docs after the jump.

Geo Targeting

The Geo Targeting feature allows you to set targets at the domain, subdomain, directory and page levels.  This flexibility essentially lets you target a single page to a region, if you like.  Simply select the level, enter the URL, select the country or region from the dropdown box and click Submit. 

The list shown on the page will be updated to reflect your choice.  You retain complete control to make changes whenever you wish.

As with the Site Move feature, the Geo Targeting feature has lots of data in the Help Docs.

Verify Bingbot

We get a lot of requests to publish our IP range for Bingbot.  We don’t share it largely because as IPs get reassigned, systems that you may be using with those old IP ranges encoded end up breaking.  In short, it creates a dependency that can hurt you, or at the very least, inconvenience you.
This was part of the thinking behind why we made this feature available.  It’s a way for you to get the data you want without a dependency.  This tool exists both as a public version and within your Bing Webmaster Tools.  And like the others, comes complete with details instructions for its proper use.

Duane Forrester
Sr. Product Manager
Webmaster Tools

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