Bing Webmaster Tools is Hiring

Have you ever wanted to work for Bing?  Maybe to work for the Bing Webmaster Tools team?  Getting knee-deep in data, in product development, in building things that impact sites all around the world?  Before you get excited, there are some things to know about the job.

First off, you’ve got to be a software engineer for this job.  No fakin’ it folks, you’ve got to be an actual engineer.  If you’ve recently left the shuttle program, drive a diesel-electric train, build bridges or spend months under the ocean in a submarine…wrong engineer.

Ask yourself this question if you’re still nodding after that first point: am I good with a jack-hammer…?  In reality it won’t matter, as we’ll have the tools (and you’ll help build more) to do the deep, big-data mining we’re after.

Next up, you’ve got to be equipped with the fancy stuff, like knowing HTML5.  For you this is old news, while much of the world still hasn’t heard about it!  And how about jquery?  Maybe a background in machine learning?

You’ve got to have the right mindset for this work, too.  When we present data, businesses make decisions on that data.  Getting it right the first time is the goal every time.

To further narrow the pool a bit, we’re also looking for all of that rolled into a cracker-jack SEO.  You see, the team that launched the latest version of webmaster tools here at Bing are SEOs themselves.  Naturally, we want more SEOs on the team!

Now, if all that isn’t enough to entice you to update your resume and submit an application, well, you should also keep in mind that we build tools that matter.  We partner with millions of websites globally and we hit the press, so you’ll be directly responsible for helping Bing chart its future success.

If this sounds like you, or you know someone who it does sound like, hit this link for the job posting.

…and to answer the obvious question…the job is based in Bellevue, WA.  You’ll be face-to-face with us on a daily basis, integrated tightly into this fantastic group!

Come join our team and help create the next generation of class-leading Webmaster Tools!

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  1. mm2publish

    I've got a good understanding of HTML5 and I've done some amazing things with SEO… But I don't want to see Bing go the way of the self centered child that Google is. Being that Bing is owned by the other self centered child… It's inevitable though. Why is it that some corporations can't be satisfied with making a huge profit, but feel that they need to take over the world and control everyone to be happy? Nothing wastes a web designers time and limits his income like having to jump through all the hoops of the ever changing algorithm just to get ranked… It's all very simple… Take the profit out of the web developers pocket and pay the greedy corporations and you'll rank just fine. Isn't that always the case? You keyword tag says it all "SEM 101" Pay the greedy corporations and you will rank first page! "The more you pay the better you rank!" or you could waste a lot of time keyword stuffing trying to get your poorer clients ranked, but they will just sandbag you for the richer clients. Black hat SEO is a dying art and a resistance to letting some greedy corporation take control of the world. Every time you collect a paycheck know that you are stealing money from hard working people for your corporation!

  2. cantatil

    Thanks to Bing team. I hope, bing will be best search engine on future.

  3. darleen897

    Great Bing, I hope you will provide much better webmaster tools than Google.

  4. Muhammad Tasleem Qadri

    Bing is improving day by day and I hope one day it will be the biggest

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