Help protect yourself from accidental index removals

Waking up to find your website, or portion of it, has been removed from a search index can be a perplexing and frightening experience. What if you could help reduce that risk by restricting access to sensitive areas of webmaster tools, and render them “read only” for assigned individuals? 

Bing’s Webmaster Tools places exactly that kind of control within reach.  By managing user access levels, you can control who has full access as an Admin, who can read and export data and who can read only.  This ensures that accidental blocks on content folders, or even the entire website, cannot happen without direct action by a select set of individuals.  Your job is to ensure those with full access understand how to use the tools and their functionality.

Start by selecting the domain you want to enable levels of user access for.  Look to the left hand side to see the Settings: Users option.

Click on the Users link to enter the control space.

Click on the Add User button to add new members and set their level of access control.  You’ll need to sign them up with a LiveID to add them into the control panel if they don’t already have a Hotmail or email account.

To complete their enrollment, enter their LiveID email, set the areas of access they can have.  You can specify the entire website’s data, narrow it to a subdomain only, or even restrict access to data and controls affecting only a folder.

The next step is to select the levels of access they have from one of the three radio button options.  Click Submit to complete the enrollment and for their access to be live.  You can remove or modify a person’s access at any time as an Administrator.

With great power comes great responsibility

It’s important that anyone marked as an Administrator understand their roles and the tools themselves.  Even an Admin making a mistake can result in an entire site being blocked from our index.
It’s a good idea to have multiple Admins to ensure if one person leaves a role, another exists to maintain control over the account and make updates.  And not everyone needs to be an Administrator, either.  Most users of the webmaster account should be set as Read/Modify, in fact.  This allows the level of access they need to perform daily tasks, while ensuring if they move from their role they cannot log back into the account afterwards and potentially remove others from the account.  It’s always best to update access permissions when people using the Webmaster Tools account change roles or leave the company.

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