Most important tasks for SEO? (From the Forums)

Today’s highlighted conversation in the From the Forums column has a user ask, “What are the most important tasks for SEO?”. The conversation started back a while ago, but the quantity and quality of ideas generated are interesting to peruse. I want to specifically point out the recent post to this conversation by Brett Yount, our forums administrator (who, as of late, seems to be receiving more and more queries addressed to “Mr. Bing”), in which he stresses the value of identifying your site’s target audience and working to develop expert content for them. It’s useful advice that I wanted everyone to see.

To see the forum conversation thread from the beginning, check out What is the important task of SEO? in Webmaster Center’s Search Engine Marketing (SEM) forum. Many thanks to all who have contributed to the forum community on this question!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to post them in our Webmaster Center forums. See you again soon…

— Rick DeJarnette, Bing Webmaster Center

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  1. bouka55

    Wesley, they can't say anything officially, that would be giving away the game and allowing SEO's to game them, they have to be ambiguous!

  2. petknowledge

    special content for the website audience is a very important SEO task

  3. hpj

    I want to find out how to check the number of links in bing. Will post in forums as question

  4. givelord

    Quality targetted backlinks from website of the same thematic is essential.

  5. gomecomputer

    I agree with you Rick

  6. blogbot

    Good for SEO

  7. infoSEO

    I think site speed is an important factor.

  8. website_design

    The most important task in SEO which I consider is knowledge about the new and hot topics of SEO. The best practice of a good SEO is reading different blogs from webmasters.

  9. auto-moto

    Yeah i agree with the comment from infoseo, that load times (site speed) will eventually become an important factor.

  10. JustinMarch

    Clear goals and an idea of how to achieve them, there is too much focus on ranking and not enough on the user IMHO.

  11. propulsr

    @xaris loading time cannot become more important than other "tangible" factors like relevancy, page titles or links, no matter which search engine try to push an unrealistic 1 second loading time!

    Sure fast websites are better for your visitors but relevancy will remain the key ranking factor for *search* engines.

  12. novintabligh

    Using HTML heading tags is essential for on-page optimization

  13. wildnettechnologies

    Keywords and Content is the heart and soul for your website to ranked on search engines…

  14. novintabligh

    Is there any SEO tips that is only suggested by Bing? I mean there are a lot of SEO tips which are good for all serach engines. Is there any tip that is good especially for Bing?

  15. track.wss

    thnks for your tips i defiantly use these all tips in my career

  16. itgasht

    Great! Thanks.

  17. rahulbatra188

    Each and every factor that helps to rank the website is good for SEO.

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