New Webmaster Center FAQ available

Everybody loves a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ). They often include tidbits of knowledge that are not easily found elsewhere, or present information in ways that often make it more understandable.

The Webmaster Center team has been working hard to present more useful content through the team blog in recent months. We already have a FAQ of sorts through the Webmaster Center Help (see the Help system’s left hand navigation for the Help-based FAQ). We also have some FAQ content in the Webmaster Center forums. We’ve also published a series of Webmaster Center blog comment Q&A posts (parts one and two so far) to address common questions posted to the blog (rather than the forum!).

Today we have posted an edited compilation of Q&As from all of those sources and more into a downloadable PDF as our official Webmaster Center FAQ for your reading pleasure. It is a long document (would you expect anything else from me?), but it is organized into categories and has a navigable table of contents to help you quickly get to the information that interests you most. We hope you find it useful. We’ll be periodically updating, adding to, and revising the FAQ content as new content is developed and new questions are asked. Please be sure to check back from time to time to see what new content has been added. Enjoy!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to post them in our SEM forum. See you again soon…

— Rick DeJarnette, Bing Webmaster Center

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  1. leewillis

    please tell me how to remove Bing and all its traces from my computer.  I hate it.

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you for good information

  3. conceptual

    PDF? This should be avaialble in xhtml format with thw TOC as the top level navigation, granular search bekongs in Bing.

  4. andycoteman

    I think this has definetly made some of the help and FAQ content clearer but I think there is still some progress to be made getting site's indexed faster. I've been waiting for my site

    to be indexed for quite a while and have followed all the webmaster guides and instructions.

    Thanks anyway

  5. tobto

    hope it will be useful! bing becomes more 'human oriented' now )

  6. seomguru

    Though just downloaded it..I think it covers stringent guidelines for new SEOrs. I will include it for distribution in my free SEO counselling program to NGOs and their computer literate staff.

    Thanks a lot :)


    Lalit Kumar

    Over 9 years in SEO, SEM & Analytics

  7. innercitygoods

    Good info. Thanks!

  8. Alsace Web Agency

    "into a downloadable PDF"

    thanks for this!

  9. Sharpe Investing

    Thanks for the great information!

  10. zeesilent

    Thank you!

  11. r_o0

    thanks for helpful information.

  12. Zebra Entertainment and Events

    Have you addressed the directory question anywhere?  Haven't found that yet in your FAQ.  Thanks!

  13. jackenjiang

    I have a website, and I have submitted it to bing, how come it takes long time to index it. so far, i haven't seen my site was indexed. something wrong?


  14. abhibharti

    Well, i think this will be useful. As people need this to learn more about webmaster.

  15. hotels

    Thank you for keeping us informed.

  16. Kareena

    Great job!!! thanks for the info..

  17. Dhangout

    sir , i Have few question related seo in only

    i have website name ( 3500+ pages indexed in ) but issue is that my website in not in top rank in any kewyord , how can i improve my websites's pages keyword ranking  

  18. xzooom1

    i hope the bing webmaster tools will be fine

    i like the search engin that has webmaster tool

    thanx for your post


  19. novintabligh

    thanks for sharing.

  20. novintabligh

    thanks for sharing and updating this FAQ.

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