Announcing Bing, Microsoft’s new search engine

As you may have seen, Steve Ballmer unveiled Bing, Microsoft’s new search product today. Bing will begin rolling out internally to Microsoft employees today and will be unveiled to the public in the coming days. For more information on what Bing is all about, take a look at today’s post on the main Bing blog.

So what does Bing mean to you as a webmaster? All good things; including an improved Webmaster Center with access to the tools you need to help drive more traffic and enhance your site. We have a few more updates up our sleeve including a brand new community site for all things Bing, which you will hear more about in the coming days. In the meantime, visit and follow Bing on Twitter (@Bing) for all the latest news.

We’ll posting additional blog articles and other information for webmasters in the coming days and weeks detailing how to get the most out of this new search experience. We think you’ll like it!

— Rick DeJarnette, Live Search Webmaster Center

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  1. Anonymous

    Love the new name!  Snappy!!

  2. Anonymous

    Great news Rick… wishing you and the team all the best for the launch.

    I'm using it in New Zealand now.

  3. Alan Burchill

    Way faster searching that Google…

  4. Anterpreet


  5. Anonymous

    Its nice, but how is it that Bing's video search can just take video content with out asking the content owners? Its one thing to use thumbnails in search results but to use the site's videos as well?

  6. WebSight

    I am interested to see how Bing performs and is accepted among the user base.

  7. adsei

    hope that it works well.

  8. bendeliduka

    I find it odd that BING does not seem to see that the index.html page on my site reports a 301 – moved permanently.

    In fact Bing has cached this information and does not properly index the site…

  9. Anonymous

    Superb. Results throws very fast.

  10. Anonymous

    Superb. It throws results very fast

  11. Anonymous

    I always like something new and hope it's works good. bing so far has been outstanding, keep it up and soon you'll be a house whole name.

  12. cahanyar

    I Like it, but may slowly in my computer

    what's the matter?????

  13. Anonymous

    Seems like a good search engine :)

  14. Anonymous

    Bing — It's google.

  15. bonoes

    I like it. Can I have some user content on the main page of bing? I'm signed in but I can't customize it.

  16. Anonymous

    nice name and fast search. but i want to know the meaning of BING. Like BINGgo, BINGbang, etc.

  17. Anonymous

    it's very nice. I like this engine. and hope to make for anytime i'll looking for anything. nice interface, very fast , much and better result.

  18. akbars

    I like it,

  19. akbars

    it's new for me, and I wanna try

  20. Anonymous

    Tried it, excellent.

    I hope it will be a strong competitor to google.

  21. dereck009

    DesignerFied: I think video sharing sites provide embed code for this end. There is nothing illegal in embedding a video on your blog, so why would it be different in the case of Bing?

  22. Anonymous

    dereck009: Yea if its from embed codes I completely under stand. But I have a video on my site with out embed codes.

    Yet Bing is still taking it. I don't really care I kind of like the live preview of a video.

    Basically I know for a fact that they aren't using embed codes from the sites I work with. So what gives them the right to just take peoples video content?

    There should be some way to block Bing from taking it. Kind of like how you can block Google images from taking images.

  23. Quality Directory

    We are going to see if Microsoft is going to take a stand with Bing! But sad to notice that MSDN Blog is gone.

  24. Anonymous

    Thanks for the great stuff. Seems like a good search engine.

  25. NJR Lawrence

    Nice initiative by Microsoft .My best wishes to Bing Team.

  26. Anonymous

    Bing?! Seriously, that was the best you could come up with? This is the worst search engine I have seen in a while. Follow the link below and you will see why. I searched for digital cameras under 200 dollars and clicked on shopping. Then sorted by price and the first hit is a waterproof camera case for $175,000.00.  The lowest price camera found was $8700. On page 17! Is this a joke? Microsoft says it is a decision engine, and I suppose that's true in my case. I will be going back to Google faster than you can say Bing! Decision made.…/search

  27. Anonymous

    Oh by the way the $175,000 camera case retals for about $180 on other sites. What kind of scam is this bing thing anyway?

  28. fortisx

    I don't see any way to add my URL to Bing. I'm ranked near the top for the main search phrase in my industry on Google but nowhere in Bing. And there is no link to upload to Bing one's URL.

  29. cnh1026

    Great 1 nice deal Thank You Pal Cal

  30. Anonymous

    There are serious issues with "bing" and webmasters claim they are not being indexed. These same webmasters are being told to do some work on their websites (bing support) when there is nothing wrong with their websites. The problem lies with "bing" search architecture and Microsoft is not about to admit it. Content does rule but when "bing" cannot find the content then you have a problem. And "Live" search was a much better branding identity than "bing", another huge blunder by Steve Balmer. Microsoft's attempt to catch up to the competition is further away now than it ever has been.

  31. Addon Solutions

    Superb. It throws results very fast as well I like webmaster tools inside Bing!



  32. Anonymous

    Love the new name!  Snappy!!

  33. miles2go

    New search is better then the previous one. It crawled fast and index fast.

  34. Anonymous

    alot is being expected from bing!!!!!

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