Video homepage hops onto Bing UK

We’re super excited to announce our first ever video homepage for Bing UK today, featuring a White-lined leaf frog crawling up a branch, in Manu National Park, Peru.

Use the handy hotspots to navigate the tropical image and reveal information about all things amphibian, including the frightening fact that the prettiest frogs are often the deadliest and a link to a video on diamagnetism, a peculiar phenomenon that enables frogs the ability to levitate in strong magnetic fields.

You can also join us over on Twitter and Facebook for lots of frog-themed fun today, including a whole host of silly jokes and a vote on which amphibian or reptile truly is the most awesome. Have a think about it – Kermit the frog or The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Tough decision!

You’ll need a HTML5 enabled desktop browser to view this homepage in all its glory!